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Simulation of Low Photon Lidar in Complex Environments (SimPL)

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Sensors & Electronics Technology

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Activing Imaging Systems, Air and Water Propagation, Atmospheric and Underwater Turbulence Simulations, Geiger Mode, Lidar, Photon Counting, Scattering Simulations, Simulation, Single Photon Imaging


Single photon lidar (SPL) or Geiger-mode Lidar (GML) are innovative technologies that dramatically increase the point density on a target through detection and processing of low photon numbers at the receiver. This allows significant increase in sensing efficiency, which in turn reduces payload requirements for unmanned platforms and costs. Very limited efforts have been put in place to simulate the system response of SPLs or GMLs in various environments. This effort aims to fill this technical gap through community efforts amongst NATO member and partner nations.


To explore community consensus on best approach in simulating single photon lidar in sensing and ATR under complex environmental conditions.


We intend to use the Explorative Team opportunity to discuss and align partners’ needs, capabilities and plans into a coherent structure, where the maximal return can be achieved amongst NATO nations participating in the resulting RTG. Specifically, some examples of our needs include: 1) strong interests for low level photon detection with lidar under complex conditions such as underwater and rainy/foggy weather (US/NRL, France/DGA/Onera, Canada/DRDC, Germany/IOSB, and Sweden/FOI); 2) 3D lidar/ladar data simulation for low light level returns, especially in ATR applications (US/NVESD, France/DGA/Onera, Germany/IOSB); 3) active imaging modeling and FOPEN applications (US/NRL/NVESD, Germany/IOSB, France/Onera, Sweden/FOI).

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