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Future concepts of work and workforce and implications for Defence

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Human Factors and Medicine

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capability, Future, work concepts, workforce


Advances in technologies promise significant change to the world of work. A new ‘industrial revolution’ is articulated by some and whilst there is hype as well as considered review, what is clear is that perceptions and realities of work and work environments will be affected by advances in technologies as well as demographic shifts, such as ageing and ethnic profiles, and attitudes and expectations of the future workforce. In parallel, Defence organisations are constantly trying to prepare themselves to meet new and varied threats as well as being able to meet traditional challenges; all within environments that call for efficiencies. There is a need to consider how technological developments and changes to society will affect the constructs of work in the future and what the implications of these are for Defence. Recognising some changes may be culturally-specific whilst others will not, there is a need to develop the tools and techniques that will allow us to monitor such changes in a way that enable Defence organisations to adapt with agility.



The main scientific topic addressed by the Study is the methods by which implications of significant changes to the socio-technical environment can be monitored – with a view to inform workforce strategies and planning

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