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Aircrew Neck Pain Prevention and Management Lecture Series

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Human Factors and Medicine

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aircrew neck pain human factors bodyborne equipment behaviors workspace solution integration


The deleterious impact of short and long-term health and performance of aircrew neck pain on NATO air forces are unacceptable and solutions must be found. NATO RTG HFM 252 have compiled and recommended evidence-based administrative, procedural, ergonomic, engineering, preventative and treatment solutions for aircrew neck pain. Many of the solutions are currently being implemented in various nations’ air forces, such as Proper Helmet Fit, Professional Athlete Model, and Aircrew Conditioning Programs. Thus, this lecture series will highlight all of the HFM-252 Final Report recommendations and guidance, and provide opportunities for feedback and discussion from the attendees.


HFM RTG-252 developed a series of recommendations arrived by consensus of eleven participating nations for promoting and improving aircrew cervical spine health. In order to implement these recommendations, this lecture series will provide concise actionable information to attendees to bring back to their organizations to help develop new way of thinking and managing spinal health from the beginning of training through retirement. Lecture materials will be supplemented by the extensive final RTG report. The advantage of the lecture series will be access to the panel members for interactive discussions and advice that is nation agnostic. One benefit for the lecturers is obtaining feedback from attendees to inform ongoing research in this area. The intent is to record, collect and archive any key discussion points and lessons learned from the lecture series to be published and disseminated in a short final report.


The Lecture Series topics to be covered mirror the HFM 252 Final Report chapters: (1) Setting the context for Aircrew Neck Pain and introducing the HFM 252 Neck Pain Framework. (2) Aircrew Neck Pain Epidemiology, Working Definition, and Operational Impact. (3) Tools and Metrics for studying Aircrew Neck Pain (4) Human factors Prevention and Management (5) Body-Borne Equipment Prevention and Management (6) Aircrew Behaviour Prevention and Management (7) Aircraft Workspace Prevention and Management (8) Integrating Solutions into Operations (9) Summary of Recommendations and Future Work

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