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Assessment Methods and Tools for Mobility of Autonomous Military Ground Systems

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Applied Vehicle Technology

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autonomous systems, data analytics, mobility, Performance and reliability, physicsbased methods


Autonomous ground systems are a key part of the future military strategy for many NATO Nations, and commercial companies are racing to develop autonomous systems to be first to market. In this race to field these systems, there is still a lack of understanding of the capabilities and reliability of these systems. One key performance measure of autonomous ground systems is their mobility on-road and off-road. How fast can the system move and how reliably can it reach its destination under a wide range of conditions? How well can these systems maneuver with soldiers under a variety of operations? How are these measures defined? These are important topics that need to be addressed in order to fully field and operationalize these new technologies. This proposed activity will leverage the results from AVT-ET-148, AVT-248 and AVT-CDT-308 on the Next Generation NATO Reference Mobility Model (NG-NRMM). Together, they demonstrated that autonomous vehicles have specialized modeling and simulation requirements with regard to mobility. The activity will also leverage current activities ET-184 (Physics of Failure for Military Platforms), AVT-ET-185 (Goal-driven, Multi-Fidelity Approaches for Military Vehicle System-Level Design),AVT-327 (STANREC for a NG-NRMM), and AVT-ET-196 (Technology Trends in Manned and Unmanned Armoured Ground Vehicles).


This proposed activity is to explore the methods and approaches to assess the mobility performance and reliability of autonomous ground systems. The primary objectives of the proposed panel are to: (1) identify the challenges and special requirements associated with modeling and simulation of autonomous military systems, and (2) determine the current state-of-the-art software for assessing the performance (mobility) of autonomous military systems. The panel will leverage the results from other existing and related NATO STO and TTCP activities with collaboration from multiple nations and tri-services interested in this topic area.


The proposed panel will attempt to cover the following scientific topics: • Challenges and special requirements for modeling and simulation of autonomous military systems • Definitions related to autonomous military systems • Current software available for assessing the mobility of autonomous systems • Approaches to assessing the interdependence of mobility with communications and data • Build on the work of AVT-248 NG-NRMM to determine an approach for assessing off-road mobility of autonomous systems

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