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Enabling Platform Technologies for Resilient Small Satellite Constellations for NATO Missions

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Applied Vehicle Technology

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Autonomous Operation, Command and Control, Communication, Constellations, Cubesat, Multispacecraft, Resilient, Small Satellites, Smallsat, Space


NATO is critically dependent upon space capabilities and services to conduct the missions and related responsibilities of the Alliance in a responsive and efficient manner to meet NATO operational requirements such as point to point communications, extended ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance), precision navigation and geographical information. By complementing traditional large satellite systems, the upcoming new generation of small satellites offer new potential to enhance these capabilities to benefit the future war-fighter.


The Technical Team (AVT-336) will further communicate and advance the technology readiness levels of enabling platform technologies for resilient small satellite constellations for NATO missions at a Small Satellite Specialist Meeting to be held in 2020.


The TT will investigate the state-of-of-the-art, gaps, opportunities and benefits to be derived by infusing new platform technologies for resilient small satellite constellations. More specifically, the potential topics to be addressed will include, but not limited to, the following technologies such as • Thermal management in small volume • Improved on-board processing capability • Deployable apertures for power and RF antennas • Propulsion and manoeuvring of small satellites • High speed communication architectures • Command and control of small satellites • Survivability of small satellites in orbit • Multi-spacecraft architectures • Mission level autonomy for constellations • High volume manufacturing techniques The Specialist’s Meeting Agenda will be designed to cover these topics and any other related topics that enhance spacecraft platform technologies for resilient small satellite constellations at the subsystem, system and constellation level.

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