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Full Duplex Radio Technology – Increasing the Spectral Efficiency for Military Applications

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IST-ET-101 (COM)


Information Systems Technology

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Antennas, Cognitive Radio, Communications, Electronic Warfare, Full Duplex Radio, Networking, Relaying, SelfInterference Cancellation, Spectral Efficiency, Waveforms


The electromagnetic frequency spectrum is a limited resource. This fact is in strong contrast to the growing bandwidth requirements generally and particularly in the military domain. The success of future NATO operations relies more than ever on new real-time services going hand in hand with increased data throughputs and with robustness against Electronic Warfare. Therefore, future tactical communication and electronic warfare technologies must aim at using the full spectral capacity and providing NATO an advantage in the tactical environment. The availability of spectral resources should not depend on technological, but on operational circumstances. The full duplex radio technology is a promising approach to efficiently combine tactical communications’ and electronic warfare applications


The key objective of the Exploratory Team is to introduce the Full Duplex Technology to the military domain. For this purpose, the ET will identify possible applications in tactical communications and electronic warfare benefiting from the full duplex principle. The ET will also provide an initial study of the requirements and challenges for implementing full duplex technologies in military environments.


The following topics should be addressed in this ET: • Which military applications can benefit from using full duplex technology? • What are the specific requirements of these military applications influencing the use of full duplex technology? • Which challenges and opportunities appear for the integration of full duplex principles? • What are the short, middle, and long term challenges and opportunities of the emerging full duplex technology?

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