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Emerging technologies for proactive corrosion maintenance

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Applied Vehicle Technology

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Corrosion, corrosivity, maintenance, NDI, repair, sensors


In 2011, two NATO activities related to corrosion, took place. The first activity (AVT-140) provided an update to AGARD Corrosion Handbook Vol 1, while the second activity (AVT-137) had a goal to promote sharing of best practices in terms of corrosion prevention and maintenance procedures used on military vehicles. Unfortunately, the second activity did not obtain the desired number of contributors, and thus the goal was not achieved. More recently, during two workshops that were held in October 2014 (AVT-222, AVT-223), discussions took place with regards to corrosion management across the various NATO nations. It was unclear to the participants as to how corrosion within these fleets was managed and to what level this management is taking place. Two find answers to those questions, a workshop was held in December 2018 (AVT-303) that was dedicated to corrosion and corrosion management. The workshop gave a good view of the current practices and the trend of moving from find-and-fix to anticipate-and-manage in corrosion maintenance. It also showed that work needs to be done to enable the anticipate-and-manage approach.


The exploratory team will assess the interest in a follow-up activity on corrosion management. The recommendations of the Technical Evaluator Report of AVT-303 are the basis for the discussions. These recommendations are: • Composite structure vehicles maintenance plans must include corrosion considerations for attached metal components. • Additive manufacturing (AM) and cold spray technologies, in particular, have reached level of readiness that warrants greater deployment in corrosion repair facilities. • AVT future activities should include accelerated corrosion testing, corrosion NDI, environmental sampling and severity measurement, corrosion modeling. • An AVT ET or RTG should be established to explore implications of possible NATO adoption of Maintenance 4.0. • Explore interest in the development of NATO corrosion manuals.


The exploratory team will assess the interest in a follow-up activity on the following topics: • Non-destructive inspections • Corrosivity data collection and analysis • Accelerated corrosion testing • Corrosion repair technologies • Corrosion sensors • Corrosion modelling • Development of NATO corrosion manual, including maintenance recommendations for hybrid metal-composite structures • Maintenance 4.0

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