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Methods of Identifying and Evaluation the Camouflage and Deceptive Properties of the Military Equipment in Land Field Trials

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Systems Concepts and Integration

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Camouflage, Countermeasures, Countersurveillance, Deception, Detection, Land Equipment, MultiSpectral, Operational Requirements, Tactical Evaluation, Technical Evaluations


Deception and Denial have historically played a key role in all levels of warfare. The requirement for effective Camouflage, Concealment, Deception (CC?D) continues to grow in importance as the modern and future battlefields are transformed by surveillance sensor and information systems (ISTAR) technologies, doctrine and practice. CC?D operational and tactical systems, or systems of systems, employing multi-spectral materials, when used properly, can significantly contribute to the survival of NATO forces on the complex and sensor rich battlefield environment described above. An important task, which has not yet been done, is to give an estimation of the effects of operational camouflage deployment. Therefore, the performance obtained during scientific testing shall be expressed in military terms such as the probability of being detected as a function of range for specific threat sensor systems. The fulfilment of this task would result in an improved military survivability and give the necessary input for standardized measurements and protection procedures. Subsequent work will focus on static camouflage equipment, MCS (mobile camouflage systems), BDU (battle dressed uniform) and on validation of such camouflage systems.


The objective for this TG is to investigate methods of identifying and evaluation the camouflage properties and effectiveness of the military equipment and other military objects from the perspective of CC?D and with or without using of CC?D equipment (nets, decoys etc.) in field trials.


(1) Investigation of technical methods with their parameters to be defined for finding and evaluation of visual, infrared, radar, acoustic and light uncloaking symptoms of military vehicles (equipment) on the field with and without camouflage and deceptive equipment. (2) Field trials conducted to show of investigated methods on the field within land and static measurement only. (3) Provide ranking and/or photosimulation tests after field trials. (4) Investigated methods for their possible application to NATO document (STANAG, STANREC etc.).

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