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Improving the assessment of adverse health effects from exposure to combustion products of munitions during testing and training events

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Applied Vehicle Technology

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combustion products, firing ammunition, health effects, Measuring emissions, training


It is essential that military personnel remain ‘fit for military service’ therefore this topic is relevant to NATO. There are still large knowledge gaps surrounding the best ways to measure the effects of ammunition-related compounds and combustion. AVT-277 made an effective start in identifying these gaps that are enabling adequate risk management of (the nearly unavoidable) exposure from these compounds. In addition, during the AVT-322 specialists’ meeting one of the main conclusions was that there is a need for standardized methods to determine the emission products and an approach of how to perform experiments to establish the exposure to personnel, and how to best evaluate exposures with estimating probability for adverse effects. These needs are also defined as gaps in knowledge during the AVT-277 TG, which ends at the end of 2019. HFM-262 TG has recently finished its activities on health risk assessment for chemical exposures of military interest, excluding ammunition-related compounds. Combining the expertise of AVT-277 and HFM-262 it is recommended due to the broadness of the topic to be addressed, ranging from thermodynamic modeling up to occupational medicine, with various disciplines in between.


The purpose of this ET is to determine the magnitude and extent of which countries are interested in actively participating in this Technical Group, define which expertise are needed and - if enough nations are willing to contribute – to develop a Program of Work. The goal is to also reduce the probability to lose time and directly build on what has been accomplished through the TG.


Define the next steps from the outcomes from AVT-277, AVT-322 and HFM-262 focusing on small caliber ammunition and other military relevant components - Define a list of expertise needed to reach the defined goals for the following TG - Ensure participating nations will commit to active participation and contribution with one or more of the required expertise - Develop a Program of Work if it is decided to move on towards a TG

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