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Advanced computational fluid dynamics methods for hypersonic flows

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AVT-358 (VKI)


Applied Vehicle Technology

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Computational fluid dynamics, Hypersonics


Conventional tools used to simulate flows in the hypersonic regime are often based on a finite-volume discretization method applied to a structured mesh, considering that it is a robust approach. The availability of innovative numerical methods and algorithms creates increasing opportunities to simulate hypersonic flows for complex systems, such as cruise vehicles and space platforms, but it presents many challenges. Some challenges are reviewed in AVT-186, for instance, computing accurate heating on unstructured tetrahedral grids to take advantage of flexibility in grid generation and adaptation. Another example is given in AVT-193 focusing on uncertainty quantification in hypersonics, where difficulties are identified in a stochastic approach given the strong non-linearity and multiscale nature of flow dynamics.


The lectures will be given by experts in the CFD field who will review the current challenges specific to the hypersonic regime and propose ground-breaking computational methods and perspectives. Both the theoretical and algorithmic aspects of computations, applications and results will be discussed.


• Structured and unstructured meshes, high-order methods, hp adaptation. • Implicit methods, adaptive time-space, and multiscale algorithms. • Shock-fitting and meshfree techniques, lattice-Boltzmann methods. • Multiphysics modeling (high-enthalpy and rarefied effects, turbulence). • Software development and high performance computing. • Verification and validation, uncertainty quantification.

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