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Wargaming Multi-Domain Operations in the European Theatre

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System Analysis and Studies

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A2AD, European theater, MultiDomain Operations, NATO, peer conventional military operations, wargaming


In the event of conventional hostilities with NATO countries, it is likely that Russia’s Anti-Access/Area Denial (A2/AD) capabilities will impose onerous constraints on NATO military operations. This likelihood has been confirmed in numerous wargames and simulations Western militaries have conducted since the 2014 events in Ukraine, and even before. At present, the wargaming community is not satisfied with present techniques to wargame A2/AD and Multi-Domain Operations effects,


This activity will develop wargaming concepts, techniques, and underlying data within NATO for MDO to address the military problems posed by Russian A2/AD capabilities.


Topics relevant to this activity include: 1. Exploration of present techniques for wargaming A2/AD and Multi-Domain Operations effects and their underlying data to establish understanding of the present state of the art in this realm. o Definition of the scope of wargaming techniques of interest to this activity, including the level (strategic, operational, tactical) addressed by the wargaming technique; o Development of a questionnaire to capture key characteristics of wargaming techniques – to be filled in by appropriate entities / POCs within NATO and the Nations; o Analysis of questionnaire responses. 2. Analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of present techniques for wargaming A2/AD and Multi-Domain Operations effects 3. Develop approaches to improve the state of the art in wargaming A2/AD and Multi-Domain Operations effects.

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