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NATO PNT Open System Architecture & Standards to Ensure PNT in NAVWAR Environments

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Sensors & Electronics Technology

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AltPNT Complementary PNT, GNSS Denied Degraded, Integrated PNT, Navigation, NAVWAR, PNT Open System Architecture, Positioning, Timing PNT


Navigation sensors are advancing rapidly, and performance is increasing while cost, volume, and weight are decreasing. This enables new military applications and creates new military operational capabilities. A task group focused on developing a “NATO PNT Open System Architecture & Standards to Ensure PNT in NAVWAR Environments” will enable the quick insertion and integration of complementary PNT sensors and techniques. This has the huge potential benefit to greatly improve military PNT operations in NavWar environments. NATO and its Partners require trusted, real-time PNT to accomplish critical missions in adversarial and contested NAVWAR environments. NATO needs: • GNSS NAVWAR Situational Awareness (SA) • Trusted PNT in GNSS NAVWAR environments Throughout this study, we will develop an approach to establish an RTG to develop a NATO PNT Open System Architecture and associated complementary standards. This capability will benefit all NATO operations requiring robust, resilient, and trusted NATO PNT operations. This ET will categorize possible approaches/solutions to such navigation problems and provide recommendations. The results will enable increased situation awareness, greatly increased operational tempo, and robust navigation in the face of countermeasures in a highly mobile, network centric battle-space.


The group will explore what will be required to develop a modular open PNT system which: • Uses plug in modules for sensors, integration algorithms, hardware, and integrity monitoring • Deeply integrates modular integrity into the architecture to maintain trust of the system in the presence of less mature sensor technologies • Integrates with existing buses and technologies, to allow wide adoption of the software architecture


The following topics are expected to be investigated: • PNT Open System Architectures • PNT Technology Trends – Current PNT Integration / Fusion and techniques • Coop Nav (Alt (Complementary) PNT - > Cooperative) • PNT Architectures / Fusion Algorithms • Plug-n-Play Standards • Cooperative Multi-Sensor Navigation across different platform types: Ground, Air, & Dismounts

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