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Visual Analytics for Complex Systems

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IST-184 (AI2S)


Information Systems Technology

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Complex Systems, Interactive Visual Analytics, Visualization


A complex system consists of different components which interact to produce outcomes which are not easily inferred from consideration of the characteristics of the component parts or even the union (the sum of) the component parts. It is thus difficult to infer the joint actions / interactions, and the behavior of a complex system as a whole, by analyzing the individual parts in isolation. Systems of systems increase further the complexity and the problems of analysis, gaining understanding and management.


The objectives of this RTG will be to develop and apply interactive Visual Analytics focused on analyzing and representing complex systems, the inter-relationships between different components and their behavior in complex systems. We propose to investigate and foster collaborations in complex system understanding to provide timely situational awareness for effective decision making. This will support diverse defence and security applications that share common challenges, such as: • Intelligence analysis and mission planning • Combat readiness and combatant safety • Cyber operations • Maritime operations • Weapons of mass destruction (WMD) • War gaming The salient research areas are: interactive visual analytics, visualization, complex systems, and behavior pattern analysis.


The topics will include but, not be limited to: • Behavior analysis • Complex systems and systems analysis • Decision support • Evaluation framework, measures and metrics • Human factors • Human cognition and perception • Interactive visual analytics and visualization • Mission planning • Modelling and simulation • Situation awareness

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