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SMART IED Threat Mitigation Technology Assessments (SMiTMiTA)

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Systems Concepts and Integration

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CM, Countermeasures, Identification, IED, Improvised Explosive Devices, Neutralization, Threat Mitigation


NATO and UN shared experiences have demonstrated the value of effective and efficient coordination between both organizations. Operational cooperation in peacekeeping has been developed in the Balkans and Afghanistan, consistent with the respective mandates, where UN-authorized, NATO-led operations work alongside UN peace operations. Cooperation and coordination remain vital wherever UN and NATO personnel are simultaneously deployed. Recently NATO and UN have signed an ‘Updated Joint Declaration on UN-NATO Secretariat Cooperation’ in which one of the topics explicitly mentioned for further development of this cooperation is countering the threat posed by Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs).


The Exploratory Team will investigate the interest of the NATO nations to collaborate with UN/UNMAS in a future NATO STO Task Group on IED threat mitigation technology assessments. The objectives of this future Task Group are: 1. Develop a scenario based inventory of the current and future IED threats. 2. Develop standardised IED threat environments per IED scenario. 3. Make an inventory of all conceivable technologies and methods for the mitigation of these IEDs. Assess and test the suitability and (current and future, i.e. after foreseen development) performance of these mitigation technologies and methods for representative threat items in the specified scenarios.


1. Workplan/approach for the future TG. 2. Drafting a TAP for this future TG. 3. Classification and procedure to handle and share classified information.

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