The von Kármán Medal

NATO RTO von Kármán Medal is awarded for exemplary service and significant contribution to the enhancement of progress in research and technology cooperation among the NATO nations carried out in conjunction with Research & Technology Organization activities.   The von Kármán Medal consists of a silver copy of the gold medal presented to Dr von Kármán at NATO Headquarters in Paris in July 1962, on the occasion of the Tenth Anniversary of the formation of AGARD.

Eligibility for the von Kármán Medal is limited to those people who have demonstrated exceptional dedication while participating in STO activities.

The recognition may be either for repeated outstanding contributions or for a single notable achievement.

The Science and Technology Board (STB) decides on the number of von Kármán Medals to be awarded each year. A medal will be awarded only when the STB considers that appropriate candidates have been nominated. A silver-plated copy of the gold medal presented to Dr. Theodore von Kármán will be presented to the individual or individuals selected to receive the award. The reverse side of the medal shall be engraved with the inscription: "To ......... in recognition of outstanding contribution to NATO STO" along with the year of the award. The medal is presented together with a citation signed by the Science & Technology Board (STB) Chairman which describes the recipient's contribution. Current Members of the Awards Committee and the CSO Director will not be considered as potential candidates for the von Kármán Medal.

1972: Prof. Courtland D. Perkins (United States)
Mr. Ernest T. Jones (United Kingdom)
Mr. Roland A. Willaume (France)
  The Scientific Achievement Award was instituted by the National Delegates Board in 1989 to recognize outstanding contributions in the context of activities in aerospace science and technology or aerospace systems applications. Candidates, proposed by the various AGARD elements, must have made significant contributions to activities sponsored by AGARD during the preceding four years. The Award was accompanied by a Medal and a scroll. Since the STO was established, the Award consists of a citation which is printed on a Scientific Achievement Award certificate signed by the STB Chairman.
Recipients of the Scientific Achievement Award are:
1973: Prof. Frederic C. Haus (Belgium)
Prof. Hendricus J. van der Maas (Netherlands)
1990: Air Vice Marshal John Ernsting (United Kingdom)
Air Commodore James D. Jones (United Kingdom)
1974: Dr. Frank L. Wattendorf (United States) 1991: M. Yves Brault (France)
Col. James R. Hickman (United States)
1975: Prof. Guiseppe Gabrielli (Italy)
Prof. John B. Scott-Wilson (United Kingdom)
1992: Prof. K.C. Yeh (United States)
1976: Prof. Lucien Malavard (France)
Prof. Karl H. Doetsch (Germany)
1993: Dr. Peter Hamel (Germany)
Prof. Hans Forsching (Germany)
1977: M. Jean Fabri (France
Prof. William R. Sears (United States)
1994: Prof. L. Fottner (Germany)
1978: Dr. Alexander H. Flax (United States)
Prof. Teunis van Oosterom (Netherlands)
1995: Prof. A.S. Ûçer (Turkey)
1979: Prof. Alec Young (United Kingdom) 1996: Mr. Frederick N. Stoliker (United States)
Prof William S. Saric (United States)
1980: Prof. Hermann Schlichting (Germany)
Mr. Frank R. Thurston (Canada)
1998: Mr Russell R. Burton (United States)
Dr. Jürgen H. Richter (United States)
1981: M. Philippe Poisson-Quinton (France) 1999: Dr. Roger K. Moore (United Kingdom
Dr. Ing Herman J.M. Steeneken (Netherlands)
1982: Dr. Johannes M. Dathe (Germany) 2001: Ir. Arie N. de Jong (Netherlands)
Dr. Tracy L. Smithson (Canada)
1983: Prof. Luigi Broglio (Italy) 2002: Mr. Robert Hinz (United States)
1984: Dr. Alan M. Lovelace (United States)
1985: Prof Corrado Casci (Italy) 2003: Dr Ken BOFF (USA)
1986: Mr. John P. Hartzuiker (Netherlands)   At the time when the Scientific Achievement Award was instituted, the National Delegates Board also decided that official recognition of the work of AGARD staff members at Headquarters at Neuilly-sur-Seine, was desirable. The Director was to propose nominees to the Chairman of AGARD. Such proposals would be endorsed by the National Delegates Board.
1987: Maj.Gen.(Retd) Edgard E.O. Evrard (Belgium) 2004: Dr Uwe KROGMANN
1988: Dr. Gabriel Coupry (France)
1989: Dr. Kasik J. Orlik-Ruckemann (Canada) 1989: Ms. Paulette Scopes (Panel Secretary)
1990: Prof. Eugene E. Covert (United States) 1990: Ms. Alice Guérillot (Panel Secretary)
1991: M. Jean F. Renaudie (France) 1991: Tech. Sergeant Bernard Abinader (Security & Registry Service)
1992: Prof. Otto H. Gerlach (Netherlands) 1992: M. Jacques Maillet (Information Technology)
1993: Dr. André Benoit (Belgium) 1993: M. François-Paul Bolloré, M. Jean-François Ribaud,
M. Claude Dresch, M. Guy Monnerie, M. Jean-Louis Mézières (AGARD Security Guards)
1994: Dr. H.J. Albrecht (Germany) 1994: Col. Paul Brandenburg (Chief Military Committee Studies
Division/Chief Administration & Finance)
1995: Dr. William J. McCroskey (United States) 1995: Ms. Anne-Marie Rivault (Panel Secretary)
1996: Prof. Gero Madelung (Germany)    
1997: Prof. Jacobus W. Slooff (Netherlands)    
1998: Dr Peter G. Hamel (Germany)
Mr Nils Holme (Norway)
1999: Prof Paolo Santini (Italy)    
2000: Dr. Art van Meeteren (Netherlands)    
2001: Dr. Mike I. Yarymovych (United States)    
2002: Prof. Luis de Costa Campos (Portugal)    
2003: Dr William WALLACE (Canada)    
2004: Dr Richard KLEMM (Germany)