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Bayesian treatment of a chemical mass balance receptor model with multiplicative error structure ; ;
SE-Editor Beyond Generated Software Documentation - A Web 2.0 Perspective ; ;
Tyche Version 2.3 ; ;
Tyche Data Management System ; ;
Noncovalent Modification of Carbon Nanotubes with Ferrocene Amino Acid Conjugates for Electrochemical Sensing of Chemical Warfare Agent Mimics ; ;
Extreme Agility Micro-Aerial Vehicle Concepts for Complex Terrain Warfare ; ;
Scoping Study for Ship Recovery of UAVs ; ;
Your-Say: Fall 2007 Results ; ;
Canadian Spousal/Partner Employment and Income Project ; ;
A Comparison of the French and English Versions of the Trait Self Descriptive (TSD) Personality Inventory ; ;
Care of the Ill and Injured in the Canadian Forces ; ;
An Exploratory Examination of Personnel Support to Operations ; ;
FPGA implementation of a baseband MIMO MC-CDMA downlink receiver ; ;
Spaceborne Ocean Intelligence Network (SOIN) ; ;
CapDEM Excercise Alpha ; ;
Suffield BioSense Trial 2007 ; ;
Integration of IDELIX's data aware PDT into the ATRWorkbench application ; ;
Detection of low probability of intercept radar signals ; ;
Emergency Locator Transmitter (ELT) Performance in Canada from 2003 to 2008 ; ;
Design of a holonic control architecture for distributed sensor management ; ;
A Contextual Guidance Approach to Software Security ; ;
A Test of the Relationships among the Justice Facets, Overall Justice, Strain, and Turnover Intent in a Military Context ; ;
CAN Program Update ; ;
Electronic properties of gas-generated silver nanoparticles in the presence of cyano- and chloride-containing compounds† ; ;
Surface Plasmon Resonance Spectra of 2.8 ± 0.5 Diameter Copper Nanoparticles in both Near and Far Fields ; ;
The Maple Leaf Readership Survey 2008 ; ;
Effects of the instrument self-emission and source noise on long range infrared measurements of missile plumes ; ;
Course of action recommendations for practical network defence ; ;
Estimation of ship velocity by adaptive processing of single aperture RADARSAT-2 data ; ;
The determination of constant range-difference curves on a spherical surface and its application to emitter geolocation ; ;
MulVAL extensions II ; ;
Network defensive posture demonstrator ; ;
Utilizing Arc Marine concepts for designing a geospatially enabled database to support rapid environmental assessment ; ;
An evaluation of CHASP processing for ship speed and ship direction ; ;
Evaluation of ray-tracing software in through-wall sensing (TWS) applications ; ;
Fast learning of grammatical probabilities in radar electronic support ; ;
YBCO microbolometers for Infrared detection ; ;
Combat Identification (15au ; ;
Expedition 07 - Report on Work Package 3.3 ; ;
Canadian Forces Individual Accommodation Requirement Study ; ;
A Gap Analysis of Employment Equity and Diversity Research in the Canadian Forces ; ;
Dynamic Network Analysis for Understanding Complex Systems and Processes ; ;
Data Acquisition and Preparation for Social Network Analysis Based on Email ; ;
A Simulation Study of the Effectiveness of the Self-healing Autonomous Sensor Network for Early Warning Detection ; ;
CF Guidance to the Technology Demonstration Program ; ;
Concept of Operations for the Self-healing Autonomous Sensor Network ; ;
Measures of Effectiveness and Performance for the Northern Watch Station ; ;
The Impact of Demographics on Regime Stability and Security in the Middle East ; ;
The Ideal Length of Tour ; ;
Social Development and State Building in Afghanistan During the Soviet Period, 1979-1989 ; ;
Non-dominated Sorting on Two Objectives ; ;
Water Mist Fire Suppression Modeling ; ;
Bio-Inspired Adhesion ; ;
Economic Forcasting with Optional Replacement for the CP-140 Fleet Under the Aurora Incremental Modernization Program ; ;
Low cost guidance and control solution for in-service unguided 155mm artillery shell ; ;
The Justifications for War and Peace in World Religion ; ;
Collaborative Team Decision-Making in a Realistic CF Training Scenario ; ;
Ultrafast Laser Pulse Tailoring in Pure Water ; ;
Canadian Forces Aptitude Test ; ;
Canadian Forces Individual Accommodation Requirement Study ; ;
Structured Interview Questionnaire ; ;
Evaluation of soil contamination by explosives and metals at the Land Force Central Area Training Centre (LFCA TC) Meaford, Ontario (Phase I) ; ;
Coalitions ; ;
The Logic of Definition ; ;
Promoting and Sustaining a Healthy and Fit Force ; ;
Talking to the Enemy ; ;
Iraq ; ;
The Middle East ; ;
What They've Said ; ;
Alliances - What are they for and how do they end? ; ;
Briefing on DRDC's activities in smart textile area to Technical Group SET-109 Smart textiles for the NATO warfighter held on 6 - 8 May ; ;
2-µm Pump for Mid-IR OPO ; ;
A new passive polarimetric imaging system collecting polarization signatures in the visible and infrared bands ; ;
The use of Electro-optical Imaging Sensors for the Detection of Surface UXOs ; ;
L'utilisation de capteurs à imagerie électro-optique pour le détection de UXO en surface ; ;
System architecture recovery for open source software integration ; ;
DRDC and Projects Overview ; ;
Exploring Operator Interface Design Concepts Using Adobe Flash ; ;
Wireless Sensor Networks in Air Vehicle Platforms ; ;
Preliminary Study of the La<sub>4-x</sub>A<sub>x</sub>Ni<sub>3</sub>O<sub>10-&amp;delta;</sub>(A = Na, K and Sr) Systems as IT-SOFC Cathode Materials ; ;
A collaborative command portal environment in support of crisis and emergency situations ; ;
Validation of a Sensor-Driven Modeling Paradigm for Multiple Source Reconstruction with FFT-07 Data ; ;
Slow scan detector ; ;
Intentional modulation on pulse ; ;
Simulation network exploitation ; ;
Simulation network exploitation ; ;
Simulation network exploitation ; ;
Simulation network exploitation ; ;
Simulation network exploitation ; ;
Simulation network exploitation ; ;
Micro-Electro-Mechanical-Systems for Sensor Applications ; ;
Tracing, monitoring and analysis of distributed multi-core systems ; ;
Navigation in extreme environments ; ;
Artillery precision guided munition airframe definition ; ;
Wind tunnel tests on two-dimensional air intakes at DRDC Valcartier ; ;
Initial tests of point target geolocation for RADARSAT-2 data using a DEM ; ;
Assessment and Prediction of Effectiveness of Virtual Environments ; ;
A Training Study of the Hercules Observer Trainer ; ;
Sensitivity analysis of additive weighted scoring methods ; ;
Mean Reverting Stochastic Processes with Applications ; ;
Comparative evaluation of display technologies for collaborative design review ; ;
Strategic Assessment - Russia ; ;
Reference Frame Congruency in Search-and-Rescue Tasks ; ;
Development of performance metrics to characterize the degree of polarization of man-made objects using passive polarimetric images ; ;
Metal Oxide Materials and Collector Efficiency in Electrochemical Supercapacitors ; ;
Commander Wireless Handheld Prototype System Development ; ;
A non-intrusive alert system for maritime anomalies ; ;
An example of validating models of continuous processes ; ;
Hierarchical Goal Analysis of Dynamic Decision Making in Microworld Experiments ; ;
Remarkably Strong Interparticle Coupling in Two-Dimensional Ensembles of Naked Silver Quantum Dots ; ;
First principles molecular simulation of energetic materials at high pressures ; ;
The Robotics Experience ; ;
A literature survey of radar resource management algorithms ; ;
A strategic framework for exploring alternative energy options in DND/CF ; ;
Equations of motion of a ground moving target for a multi-channel spaceborne SAR ; ;
Performance of UAV Radar Concepts for Naval Defence ; ;
BioSense Critical Prototype Evaluation (CPE) ; ;
Modelling of the TerraSAR-X sensor modes in CSIAPS ; ;
Improved chaff solution algorithm ; ;
Simple harmonic oscillator and the Benes filter ; ;
Feynman path integrals and continuous-discrete filtering ; ;
Eigenfunctions of the Fourier transformation over a circle — I ; ;
Complexity profiles ; ;
LWKD and Sound Propagation in the Surface Boundary Layer ; ;
Researching automatic methods to interpolate between sound speed profiles at different locations ; ;
A review of popular spatiotemporal pattern recognition techniques ; ;
Optimal Fleet Replacement and Forecasting Under Uncertainty ; ;
Preliminary Research and Methodology on Developing a Future Security Environment Part 2 Product ; ;
Laser Firing Facilities and Laser Trials ; ;
LOCATES Electronic and Software ; ;
Laser Optical Countermeasures Against Threat Environment Scenarios ; ;
Thermo-mechanical modelling of welding induced strains - Numerical validation of the weld build-up process ; ;
Development and Optimization of Hemostatic Peptides for Hemorrhage Control on Battlefields ; ;
Evaluation of visual alerts in the maritime domain ; ;
Technical Memorandum ; ;
Initial validation of the decision centered testing methodology ; ;
Dezert-Smarandache theory applied to highly conflictual reports for identification and recognition ; ;
SAREX 2007 search event data analysis ; ;
Influence Operations II ; ;
The Foreign Exchange Exposure Model (FOREX) Expansion ; ;
Shipboard Wave Measurement Through Fusion of Wave Radar and Ship Motion Data ; ;
Rapid Environmental Assessment Database Project ; ;
The Trait Self Descriptive (TSD) Inventory ; ;
Operational Differences Between MEOSAR and GEO/LEOSAR Capabilities ; ;
Preliminary Study of the Effects of Combat Helmet on Head/Neck Response under Rear/Side Impacts ; ;
Target detection from noise-reduced hyperspectral imagery using a spectral unmixing approach ; ;
Final Report for Maritime Force Protection, Task Authorization 8 Phase 1 ; ;
Development of a Vision-Based Robotic Follower Vehicle ; ;
Expression of intracellular cytokine cascade, HSP72 and apoptosis in monocyte subsets during exertional heat stress in trained and untrained individuals ; ;
Design and development of basic physical layer WiMAX network simulation models ; ;
Suffield BioSense Trial 2006 ; ;
Power requirements for dismounted infantry, phase II ; ;
Measuring Northern Watch ; ;
Reading the Digital City ; ;
Peacebuilding in Haiti ; ;
Determination of Incidence in Static MDTF Experiments with a Submarine Model ; ;
Lessons Learned from Application of Software Agent and Decision Support Technologies to Operator and Operational Effectiveness ; ;
nScorpion Mk.I Report ;
Underwater EIT Follow-on Project Final Report ;
Improving the Usefulness and Acceptability of Automated Detection and Tracking Systems ;
Moral and Ethical Dilemmas in Canadian Forces Military Operation ;
Monitoring and tracing of critical software systems ;
Accurate target identification using multi-look fusion of low quality target signatures ;
Detection of low observables with a low cost navigation radar ;
Target detection and feature extraction in indoor and outdoor environments using micro-Doppler analysis ;
A compendium of military support programs across TTCP nations ;
The Canadian Forces Reserve Force Study 2008 ;
The 2007 Defence Ethics Survey Analysis ;
Tow Missile Parametric and Monte Carlo Studies ;
Evaluations of Long-Term Seawater Corrosion Specimens and Electrochemical Studies of Nickel Aluminum Bronze Alloys ;
Inhibition of the replication of Venezuelan equine encephalitis virus by retinotic acid-inducible gene-I ;
Interferon-gamma gene delivery protects mice from the lethal infection of western equine encephalitis virus ;
Investigating Visual Alerting in Maritime Command and Control ;
Virtual Crack Extension Technique ;
Supercapacitor Separators and Polypyrrole Composites ;
Low-cost space qualification testing of potential microsatellite technologies - 2007 ;
Silicon RFIC techniques for reconfigurable military applications ;
Study of phase quantization effects on synthesized array factor having a main beam and a prescribed null ;
A survey of data mining of graphs using spectral graph theory ;
A comparative performance measurement and security analysis of UHF passive RFID tags ;
A reduced-complexity lookup table approach to solving mathematical functions in FPGAs ;
Canadian Forces Attrition Forecasts ;
The Canadian Forces Human Resources Framework ;
Control algorithms for a Shape-shifting Tracked Robotic Vehicle climbing obstacles ;
Two-dimensional adaptive processing for ionospheric clutter mitigation in high frequency surface wave radar ;
Decision Processes in Military Moral Dilemmas ;
Promoting and Sustaining a Healthy and Fit Force ;
Beyond Information Silos ;
Field Trial of Objective Biomechanical Assessment of Extended Body Armour Phase 1 ;
Family resilience ;
Single ship resource allocation in above water warfare ;
Component substitution process model ;
Energetic materials and metals contamination at CFB/ASU Wainwright, Alberta ;
Numerical calculation of blast effect on human and on the mannequin for the assessment of blast incapacitation and lethality ;
Theoretical foundations and proposed applications of Threat Ontology to information fusion ;
State of the Art Report on component substitution ;
Behaviour in simulated combat ;
DLCD sensor mix study ;
Non-lethal weapon mix study ;
Canadian Forces pension project qualitative research findings ;
Group preference ranking of candidate indirect fire systems ;
Enhancing the utility of the Rapid Environmental Assessment database through the use of in situ and modelled data sets during Q316 ;
Effects of personnel tempo on military members, their families, and the organization ;
Psychometric Properties of Psychological Scales in the Recruit Health Questionnaire ;
Optimal Aircraft Load Balancing ;
Defence Science and Technology Stategy ;
Enhancing the utility of the Rapid Environmental Assessment database through use of in situ and modelled data sets during Q316 ;
Support vector machines for classification of underwater targets in sidescan sonar imagery ;
Broadband classification of spherical shells in a waveguide ;
Maritime Force Protection Technology Demonstration Project Underwater Threats Component Build 1 Trial Plan ;
Chemical, Biological, Radiological/Nuclear and Explosive Risk Assessment ;
Military Influence Operations ;
Analysis of the Canadian Forces College Annual Staff Survey ;
Breathing-Mode DSP^2 High Frequency MMPP ;
Using a 40mm Automatic grenade Launcher as a Precision Weapon at Long Ranges ;
Bucerius summer school on global governance ;
Chemical Warfare Agents ;
Feasibility and Prospects for Anti-Inflammatory Antibodies in the Treatment and Disease Management of Influenza ;
GMES Sentinal-1 Analysis of Marine Applications Potential (AMAP) ;
Polarimetric Intensity Parameterization of Radar and other Remote Sensing Sources for Advanced Exploitation and Data Fusion ;
Electromagnetic Modeling for Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) Target Signature Simulation and Recognition ;
A Smart Material for Infrared Modulation Applied to IR Sensor ;
Overview and progresses of first-principles computational studies on Polymeric Nitrogen as an energetic material ;
Fast Packet Recovery ;
Review of Attrition and Retention Research for the Canadian Forces ;
An Investigation into Burnout and Compassion Fatigue in Personnel Support Occupations ;
Study of the Deposition of Ammonium Perchlorate following the Static Firing of MK-58 Rocket Motors ;
Knowledge representation concepts, paradigms and techniques for use in knowledge-based situation analysis support systems ;
Reasoning processes, methods and systems for use in knowledge-based situation analysis support systems ;
Joint command decision support experiment 1 ;
Knowledge and ontological engineering techniques for use in developing knowledge-based situation analysis support systems ;
Development of OASIS v2 ;
Component substitution process model ;
Development of OASIS v2 ;
The Department of National Defence strategic cost model ;
High explosive simulation using arbitrary Lagrangian-Eulerian formulation ;
Gun propellant residues dispersed from static artillery firings of LG1 Mark II and C3 105-mm howitzers ;
Autonomous underwater vehicles conducting mine counter measure exploratory operations ;
Measures of effectiveness and performance in tactical combat modeling ;
Urban flow model development for “unified interoperability solution set to support CONOPS framework development for municipal, provincial and federal collaboration to CBRN response” ;
A DRDC management accountability framework ;
Evaluation of New Visualization Approaches for Representing Uncertainty in the Recognized Maritime Picture ;
The Influence of Heat Input on the Fracture and Metallurgical Properties of HSLA-65 Steel Welds ;
Fracture Toughness Characterization of HSLA Steel Weldments ;
Investigation of the Transmission Loss Issue in Bellhop ;
Development of a NURBS-Based Computational Method for the VAST Finite Element Program ;
Near-Surface Pilot Experiments with the Albert Model of the VCS ;
Autonomous Sustain and Resupply, Phase 1 Report ;
Improving Reliability Awareness to Support Appropriate Trust and Reliance on Individual Combat Identification Systems ;
Selecting Methods for the Analysis of Reliance on Automation ;
Simulation of the CF land vehicular command post ;
The Development and Validation of a Human Systems Integration (HSI) Program for the Canadian Department of National Defence (DND) ;
Human Views ;
Distributed Information Fusion and Dynamic Resource Management ;
Identifying Critical Attack Assets in Dependency Attack Gaphs ;
Improving Satellite-Streak Detection by the use of False Alarm Rejection Algorithms ;
Situation Analysis for the Tactical Army Commander (SATAC) ;
Virtual Air Mission Definition Phase ;
The M-OODA ;
Constraints-based argumentation for decision support in the context of combat power management ;
The modeling of three levels of cognitive controls with the Cognitive-OODA loop framework ;
Infrared scene generation (IRSG) ;
The Sino-Russian strategic partnership ;
Implementing programme and portfolio management using the primavera toolset configuration research phase ;
SATAC knowledge representation and automated reasoning with JC3IEDM ;
SATAC knowledge representation and automated reasoning with JC3IEDM ;
SATAC knowledge representation and automated reasoning with JC3IEDM ;
Trust in culturally diverse teams ;
Modelling the effect of personal hearing protection and communications devices on speech perception in noise ;
Signature Modeling and Analysis Tool (SMAT) ;
Signature Modeling and Analysis Tool (SMAT) ;
Effet des plastifiants sur la température de transition vitreuse, Tg, du butadiène à terminaison hydroxy et du polyazoture de glycidyle ;
Indicators and indices of conflict and security ;
Evaluation of Visual Alerts in the Maritime Domain ;
Advanced beamformers ;
Evaluation of Visual Alerts in the Maritime Domain ;
Electrochemical Supercapacitors ;
Near-Bottom Pilot Experiments with the Albert Model of the VCS ;
Improved Maneuvering Forces and Autopilot Modelling for the ShipMo3D Ship Motion Library ;
Exposed Crew Throat Protector Human Factor Usability Trial ;
The Evolution and Implementation of Workload Algorithms in IPME ;
Conflict and security indices ;
DRDC Toronto guidelines for compensation of subjects participating in research studies ;
Defence S&T Symposium 2008 ;
Directionality and Maneuvering Effects on Surface Ship Underwater Acoustic Signatures ;
FuRII - An ENVI Toolbox for Image Classification Part 2 ;
Holonic Approach for Control and Coordination of Distributed Sensors ;
Analysis of Chemical Warfare Agents by LC-MS ;
Improving Accuracy in SHPB ;
The multi-agent tactical sentry ;
Your-say Spring 2007 survey ;
"The graduate level of war" ;
Unconditioned air ventilation inside an aircrew NBC suit during exposure to warm environments ;
Thermal protection and estimated survival time during cold water immersion with the LASA NBC suit ;
Acoustic server for MALO technology demonstrator project ;
Receiver-Operating-Characteristic (ROC) analysis applied to listening-test data ;
Fire Retardant Additives ;
Ultimate strength assessment of naval and commercial ships ;
Divergence among genes encoding the elongation factor tu of <i>Yersinia</i>species ;
Design of multimodal signals for the enhancement of warning signals in high noise environments ;
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