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Strategies for Optimization and Automated Design of Gas Turbine Engines


This Lecture Series outlined practical approaches to the formulation of automated gas turbine engines design tasks. The identified need being to teach the methodology and the processes and NOT the tools. The Lecture Series defined terminology and present optimization techniques and examples of automated workflow processes. Practical examples of part, component, or system level designs was presented for advanced vehicle propulsion and power systems. Key technical and human barriers to widespread acceptance and implementation of automated design approaches was also identified as part of this effort to guide future R&D programmes.

STOPublicationTypeEducational Notes RDP
ISBNISBN 978-92-837-0124-8
AccessOpen Access
STOKeywordsgas turbine engines; air vehicles; optimization; process integration; design methods; power units

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$EN-AVT-167-COVER.pdf$EN-AVT-167-COVERCover Pages9/3/2010Open Access
$EN-AVT-167-PC.pdf$EN-AVT-167-PCProgramme Committee9/3/2010Open Access
EN-AVT-167-01.docEN-AVT-167-01Introduction to the Lecture Series AVT-1679/3/2010Open Access
EN-AVT-167-02.docEN-AVT-167-02Introduction and Terminology9/3/2010Open Access
EN-AVT-167-03.pdfEN-AVT-167-03Global Optimisation Methods: Theoretical Aspects and Definitions9/3/2010Open Access
EN-AVT-167-04.pdfEN-AVT-167-04Local Search Methods for Design in Aeronautics9/3/2010Open Access
EN-AVT-167-05.docEN-AVT-167-05Complements on Surrogate Based Optimisation for Engineering Design9/3/2010Open Access
EN-AVT-167-06.docEN-AVT-167-06Concurrent Blade Optimisation with Component Interactions9/3/2010Open Access
EN-AVT-167-07.docEN-AVT-167-07Case Study 2: HPC Endwalls9/3/2010Open Access
EN-AVT-167-08.docEN-AVT-167-08Case Study 3: Applications on Component Level: High Pressure Compressor and Turbine Discs, Structural Casings9/3/2010Open Access
EN-AVT-167-09.docEN-AVT-167-09Case Study 4: Applications on Subsystem Level: Turbine Subsystem, Secondary Air System9/3/2010Open Access
EN-AVT-167-11.docEN-AVT-167-11Case Study 6: Applications on System Level: Whole Engine Cycle Optimisation, Turbine Preliminary Design9/3/2010Open Access
EN-AVT-167-12.docEN-AVT-167-12Preliminary Multi-Disciplinary Optimisation (PMDO) an Example at Engine Level9/3/2010Open Access
EN-AVT-167-14.docEN-AVT-167-14Shape Representation9/3/2010Open Access
EN-AVT-167-15.pdfEN-AVT-167-15Tuning of Optimisation Strategies9/3/2010Open Access
EN-AVT-167-16.docEN-AVT-167-16Strategies for Optimization and Automated Design of Gas Turbine Engines: Cultural Issues;9/3/2010Open Access
EN-AVT-167-19.pdfEN-AVT-167-19Introduction of Multi-Disciplinary Optimization in Compressor Blade Design9/3/2010Open Access
EN-AVT-167-LABEL.pdfEN-AVT-167-LABELCD-ROM Label9/3/2010Open Access
SupportingDocuments.zipSupportingDocumentsSupporting Documents9/3/2010Open Access