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Design and Analysis of High Speed Pumps


The search for more compact and lighter pumps has led to an increased rotational speed up to the point where cavitation and rotordynamics become a major issue. The purpose of present proceedings is to provide an overview of the state of the art about those phenomena and to discuss other aspects that are of importance for advanced high speed pumps. The Lecture Series provides a detailed description of the physics of cavitation, its inception and development, and addresses the numerical modeling of cavitation as well. Techniques for unsteady pressure and velocity measurements are presented to provide a better insight into the real flow in pump impellers. Rotordynamic problems and their impact on seals and bearings are discussed in detail, including the advantages and disadvantages of different types of fluid film bearings and seals. Impeller volute interaction is presented as an important source of mechanical excitation for impeller and shaft in off-design operation. Finally, flow instabilities such as rotating stall, surge, rotating cavitation and cavitation surge are discussed. The Educational Note ends with a description of the modern design techniques, presently under development in different research groups for the purpose to speed up the design process and to improve performance.

STOPublicationTypeEducational Notes RDP
ISBNISBNs 92-837-0063-5 / 978-92-837-0063-0
AccessOpen Access
STOKeywordscavitation; cfd (computational fluid dynamics); compressors; computer programs; computerized simulation; cryogenics; design; fluid dynamics; fluid flow; fluid structure interaction; hydrodynamics; hydromechanics; hydrostatic pressure; impellers; propulsion; pumps; rocket engines; rotordynamics; surge; turbomachinery

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$EN-AVT-143-COVER.pdf$EN-AVT-143-COVERCover Pages11/24/2006Open Access
$EN-AVT-143-ES.pdf$EN-AVT-143-ESExecutive Summary and Synthèse11/24/2006Open Access
$EN-AVT-143-PC.pdf$EN-AVT-143-PCProgramme Committee11/24/2006Open Access
EN-AVT-143-01.pdfEN-AVT-143-01Introduction to Design and Analysis of High Speed Pumps11/24/2006Open Access
EN-AVT-143-02.pdfEN-AVT-143-02Physics and Control of Cavitation11/24/2006Open Access
EN-AVT-143-03.pdfEN-AVT-143-03Numerical Modelling of Cavitation11/24/2006Open Access
EN-AVT-143-04.pdfEN-AVT-143-04Unsteady Pressure and Velocity Measurements in Pumps11/24/2006Open Access
EN-AVT-143-05.pdfEN-AVT-143-05PIV Measurements in Pumps11/24/2006Open Access
EN-AVT-143-06.pdfEN-AVT-143-06Impeller Volute and Diffuser Interaction11/24/2006Open Access
EN-AVT-143-07.pdfEN-AVT-143-07Flow Instabilities in Cavitating and Non-Cavitating Pumps11/24/2006Open Access
EN-AVT-143-08.pdfEN-AVT-143-08Cavitation Instabilities in Inducers11/24/2006Open Access
EN-AVT-143-09.pdfEN-AVT-143-09Introduction to Pump Rotordynamics11/24/2006Open Access
EN-AVT-143-10.pdfEN-AVT-143-10Hydrodynamic Fluid Film Bearings and their Effect on the Stability of Rotating Machinery11/24/2006Open Access
EN-AVT-143-11.pdfEN-AVT-143-11Annular Pressure Seals and Hydrostatic Bearings11/24/2006Open Access
EN-AVT-143-12.pdfEN-AVT-143-12Flow and Loss Mechanisms in Volutes of Centrifugal Pumps11/24/2006Open Access
EN-AVT-143-13.pdfEN-AVT-143-13Optimization of Radial Impeller Geometry11/24/2006Open Access
RTO-EN-AVT-143.zipRTO-EN-AVT-143Download Full Copy of CD-ROM11/24/2006Open Access