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Experiment, Modeling and Simulation of Gas-Surface Interactions for Reactive Flows in Hypersonic Flights


The lecture series addressed the chemical non-equilibrium phenomena in the context of hypersonic re-entry flow. The objectives were to review the up-to-date experimental techniques, the theoretical models, as well as the numerical simulation strategies involved in the treatment of the chemical characters of high temperatures gases. Focusing on re-entry situation the presentations dealt with high temperature gas chemistry and also on gas-surface interaction known as catalytic effects for space vehicles. A systematic review has been presented from the detailed modeling of the microscopic level phenomena to the implementation of models for applied CDF on re-entry vehicles. As a first conclusion it appears that the bridge from the lower scale to the macroscopic surface recombination properties need further studies to be efficiently establish.

STOPublicationTypeEducational Notes RDP
ISBNISBN 978-92-837-0057-9
AccessOpen Access
STOKeywordsablation; aerodynamic forces; aerothermodynamics; chemical reactions; computerized simulation; fluid dynamics; heat transfer; high energy; hypersonic characteristics; hypersonic flight; hypersonic flow; ionization; kinetic energy; missiles; plasmas (physics); pressure measurement; reentry vehicles

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$EN-AVT-142-COVER.pdf$EN-AVT-142-COVERCover Pages7/19/2007Open Access
$EN-AVT-142-ES.pdf$EN-AVT-142-ESExecutive Summary and Synthèse7/19/2007Open Access
$EN-AVT-142-PC.pdf$EN-AVT-142-PCProgramme Committee7/19/2007Open Access
EN-AVT-142-02.pdfEN-AVT-142-02Ab Initio Atomistic Thermodynamics for Surfaces: A Primer7/19/2007Open Access
EN-AVT-142-03.pdfEN-AVT-142-03Introduction to Theoretical Surface Science7/19/2007Open Access
EN-AVT-142-04.pdfEN-AVT-142-04Simulation of Gas-Surface Dynamical Interactions7/19/2007Open Access
EN-AVT-142-05.pdfEN-AVT-142-05Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Surface Processes: Oxygen Recombination on Silica Surfaces at High Temperature7/19/2007Open Access
EN-AVT-142-09.pdfEN-AVT-142-09Detailed and Simplified Kinetic Schemes for High Enthalpy Air Flows and their Influence on Catalycity Studies7/19/2007Open Access
EN-AVT-142-10A.pdfEN-AVT-142-10ATheory and Computing of Gas Phase Chemical Reactions: From Exact Quantum to Approximate Dynamical Treatments7/19/2007Open Access
EN-AVT-142-10B.pdfEN-AVT-142-10BTheoretical Estimates of Reaction Observables vis-à-vis Modern Experiments7/19/2007Open Access
EN-AVT-142-11.pdfEN-AVT-142-11Laboratory Determination of Thermal Protection System Materials Surface Catalytic Properties7/19/2007Open Access
EN-AVT-142-12.pdfEN-AVT-142-12Interaction of Reactive Gas Flows and Ceramics at High Temperature – Experimental Methods for the Measurement of Species Recombination during Planetary Entry7/19/2007Open Access
EN-AVT-142-13.pdfEN-AVT-142-13Experimental Studies on Hypersonic Stagnation Point Chemical Environment7/19/2007Open Access
EN-AVT-142-14.pdfEN-AVT-142-14Reacting Flows Simulation with Applications to Ground to Flight Extrapolation7/19/2007Open Access
EN-AVT-142-15.pdfEN-AVT-142-15Determination of Effective Recombination Probability: Detailed Aspects of a Macroscopic Methodology7/19/2007Open Access
EN-AVT-142-16.pdfEN-AVT-142-16Numerical Implementation of Surface Catalysis, Reaction, and Sublimation7/19/2007Open Access
EN-AVT-142-17.pdfEN-AVT-142-17A Risk-Based Approach for Aerothermal/TPS Analysis and Testing7/19/2007Open Access
RTO-EN-AVT-142.zipRTO-EN-AVT-142Download Full Copy of CD-ROM7/19/2007Open Access