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Porous media in high temperature and high speed flows


These Lecture Series proceedings provide a forum to discuss the state-of-the-art on porous materials with focus on their applications in high temperatures and high speed flows. The course notes offer an introduction to the fundamentals on porous media and to their underlying principles of heat and mass transport. Emphasis is placed on high temperature processes, interactions of materials with chemically reactive flows, and radiation. Applications of porous media to hypersonic entry systems are treated extensively. Lectures notes cover novel modeling, characterization and experiments on ablation and thermal protection systems, where porous materials have established as a core technology. Aspects of both low-density ablators and ceramic materials are covered. These lecture series proceedings are designed to be a meeting point for researchers on aerospace engineering, materials science, fluid mechanics and chemistry to discuss applications of porous media in extreme environments.

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EN-AVT-261-01.pdfEN-AVT-261-01Introduction to Heat and Mass Transport in Porous Media 12/9/2016Open Access
EN-AVT-261-04.pdfEN-AVT-261-04Porous Media for Reentry Applications12/9/2016Open Access
EN-AVT-261-05.pdfEN-AVT-261-05Transpiration-Cooling with Porous Ceramic Composites in Hypersonic Flow12/9/2016Open Access