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Design and Operation of Aeroacoustic Wind Tunnel Tests for Group and Air Transport


The AVT-287 course on “Design and Operation of Aeroacoustic Wind Tunnel Tests for Ground and Air Transport” gathered and presented in a didactic way the know-how developed over the past decade about the design and operation of aero-acoustic experiments. The objective was to develop an unprecedented course material, covering the fundamentals of aeroacoustics, best practices and design guidelines for the mock-up itself, the instrumentation, and processing including corrections enabling correlation with numerical or analytical models. The targeted application fields were ground transportation (essentially automotive) and aeronautical applications. At the end of the course, the attendees gained the required autonomy to design and run small or large-scale aero-acoustic facilities, design the test matrix, and perform the advanced data processing required for their purpose.

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ISBNISBN 978-92-837-2147-5
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$$EN-AVT-287-COVER.pdf$$EN-AVT-287-COVERCover Pages1/26/2018Open Access
$EN-AVT-287-ES.pdf$EN-AVT-287-ESExecutive Summary and Synthèse1/23/2018Open Access
$EN-AVT-287-PC.pdf$EN-AVT-287-PCProgramme Committee1/26/2018Open Access
EN-AVT-287-01.pdfEN-AVT-287-01Introduction to Experimental Aeroacoustics12/13/2017Open Access
EN-AVT-287-02.pdfEN-AVT-287-02Correlating Aeroacoustic Measurements and Predictions12/13/2017Open Access
EN-AVT-287-03.pdfEN-AVT-287-03Microphone Measurements in Aeroacoustic Installations12/13/2017Open Access
EN-AVT-287-04.pdfEN-AVT-287-04Fundamentals of Acoustic Beamforming12/13/2017Open Access
EN-AVT-287-05.pdfEN-AVT-287-05Microphone Array Techniques Based on Matrix Inversion12/13/2017Open Access
EN-AVT-287-06.pdfEN-AVT-287-06Design and Operation of Hybrid Aeroacoustic Wind Tunnels12/13/2017Open Access
EN-AVT-287-07.pdfEN-AVT-287-07Design of Automotive Aeroacoustic Wind Tunnels12/13/2017Open Access
EN-AVT-287-08.pdfEN-AVT-287-08In-Duct Measurements: Modal Identification of Ducted Sources12/13/2017Open Access
EN-AVT-287-09.pdfEN-AVT-287-09In-duct measurements: Eduction of liner impedance12/13/2017Open Access
EN-AVT-287-10.pdfEN-AVT-287-10Application Case: Airfoil Broadband Noise12/13/2017Open Access
EN-AVT-287-11.pdfEN-AVT-287-11Application of Wind Tunnels for Automotive Aeroacoustic Development12/13/2017Open Access