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Disruptive Technology Assessment Game – Evolution and Validation


The Task Group SAS-082 Disruptive Technologies Assessment Game, Extensions and Applications comprising eight Nations and NATO ACT further developed, on the bases of the SAS-062 experiences, the methodology and process to assess technologies on possible disruptive effects for defence and security. Both the process and the methodology are captured in a wargame-like exercise called the Disruptive Technology Assessment Game (DTAG). Besides executing the DTAGs, the team collected and assessed more then forty Ideas of Systems (IoS). In the same period of three years three DTAGs were played. Between six to twelve military officers of rank captain to colonel participated in each DTAG. The results of the overall project are that a methodology and process is available and tested by an international audience. The Task Group SAS-082 assessed around 40 technology areas that underpinned over 40 IoS-Cards. A lot of them seem useful for future applications.

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STOKeywordsdisruptiveness; idea of system (ios); technology; technology assessment; technology readiness level

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