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The Human Environment Analysis Reasoning Tool (HEART) – Incorporating Human and Social Sciences into NATO Operational Planning and Analysis


This paper provides an outline description and user guide for the online Human Environment Analysis Reasoning Tool (HEART) which helps military staff and analysts understand the human and social environment, develop effective courses of action, and make use of appropriate analysis methods. HEART can be used to support early phases of operational planning, as a training resource and to improve the representation of the human and social environment in exercises and experiments. HEART is at a demonstrator stage, but has already incorporated findings from national tests of earlier prototypes and is being used in its current form to support the training of operational analysts deploying to ISAF. Further exploitation is planned on a national basis. HEART is available as internet-based web pages and can also be accessed using the freely available IHMC CMaptools software.

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STOKeywordsanalytical methods; anthropology; assessment; behavioural change; behaviours; comprehensive approach; concept maps; counter-insurgency; economic development; effects-based approach to operations; evaluation; governance; information operations; modelling; monitoring; operational analysis; operational planning; operations research; political science; psychology; social science; sociology; soft operational research; stabilisation; statistics

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