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Optimizing Operational Physical Fitness


With the conclusion of the RSGs 4, 8, and 17, as well as the Workshop on Optimizing the Performance of Women in the Armed Forces of NATO, there remained open questions concerning mission-related testing and training. The Research and Technical Organization (RTO) recognizes the need to address these issues in light of the wide range of missions (coordinating humanitarian relief, coordinating emergency and relief operations in the event of a disaster, both nature and man-made, civil emergency measures, addressing instability caused by regional and ethnic conflicts, defence against terrorism and countering other threats to modern society) and increased deployment of NATO personnel on operations since 1997 (NATO in the 21st Century @ The revised spectrum of NATO missions requires a new approach to operational physical fitness. Specifically, a new necessity to define, assess, evaluate and optimize physical capability by setting appropriate criteria and methodology was identified by an exploratory team that met in Spain in 2002. As a result of the exploratory meeting, Task Group 019 on Optimizing Operational Physical Fitness was established to determine the requirement for physical fitness for military personnel in order to prepare military personnel for physical task requirements, to prevent physical overburdening, and to reduce injuries. The efforts of RTG-019 Optimizing Operational Physical Fitness will represent the international agreement for evidence-based findings which may provide the basis for policy decision.

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STOKeywordsexperimental data; females; functional analysis; human factors engineering; human performance; males; military medicine; military training; muscular strength; nutrition; operational effectiveness; performance evaluation; performance tests; physical fitness; physiological effects; stress (physiology); task analysis

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