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Enhanced Aircraft Platform Availability Through Advanced Maintenance Concepts and Technologies


This report identifies maintenance/support management and equipment technologies which can improve aircraft platform availability. It contains information from a Workshop of invited specialists held in October 2006 (RTO-MP-AVT-144) and separate research by the AVT-144 Technical Team. Aircraft availability is a key component of military capability and an important measure of the readiness and effectiveness of a force. For military effect, high availability on the flight line must be accompanied by continued availability throughout a mission profile, i.e. mission reliability. During deployments and expeditions, a higher than average availability is usually desired. To maximise availability it is necessary to minimise the need for maintenance and the associated downtime. Attrition due to battle damage must also be minimised. The design and management of an aircraft and its maintenance/support occurs in the context of many competing priorities for the available development and operating funds. Therefore, it is important that a systematic approach is followed to achieve an acceptable balance between availability and other force requirements. The report describes how advanced systems engineering and business management processes and advanced aircraft and support equipment technologies can be applied in an integrated manner to achieve this goal.

STOPublicationTypeTechnical Report RDP
ISBNISBN 978-92-837-0131-6
AccessOpen Access
STOKeywordsaircraft availability; automatic test systems; availability based contracting; battle damage repair; condition based maintenance; corrosion prevention; diagnostics; inspection; integrated logistic support; integrated vehicle health management; maintainability; maintenance; maintenance-free operating period; prognostics; readiness; reliability; reliability centred maintenance; usage monitoring

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