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More Intelligent Gas Turbine Engines


Increased emphasis on aircraft safety, enhanced performance and affordability, and the need to reduce the environmental impact of aircrafts are being addressed through the concept of Intelligent Propulsion Systems. These systems are potentially enabled through increased efficiencies of components through active control, advanced diagnostics and prognostics integrated with intelligent engine control, and distributed control with smart sensors and actuators. The focus of this report is on “On-Board Intelligence”, and the discussions are limited to the overall engine gas-path performance perspective. The emphasis throughout the report is on identifying the sensor and actuator needs to realize these intelligent engine concepts and identifying the current sensor and actuator technologies and roadmaps for emerging technologies. The report is of interest both to the “Customers” to understand the investment needs and the “Researchers” and “Technology Developers” to understand the technology needs for closing the gap from current sensor and actuator capabilities to future performance and universal requirements and targets.

STOAuthorExternalDennis Culley;Sanjay Garg;S.-J. Hiller;Wolfgang Horn;Aditya Kumar;H. Kirk Mathews;Hany Moustapha;Hugo Pfoertner;Taylor Rosenfeld;Pavol Rybarik;Klaus Schadow;Ion Stiharu;Daniel E. Viassolo;John Webster
STOPublicationTypeTechnical Report RDP
ISBNISBN 978-92-837-0080-7
AccessOpen Access
STOKeywordsactive control; actuators; control equipment; control surfaces; design; diagnostic equipment; distributed control architecture; efficiency; equipment health monitoring; flow control; gas turbine engines; health monitoring; intelligent systems; life (durability); machinery health monitoring; sensors

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