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Operational Medical Issues in Hypo- and Hyperbaric Conditions


On 16-19 October 2000, NATO, Partnership for Peace (PfP) and Non-NATO nationals from 24 countries met in Toronto, Canada to attend a symposium on Operational Medical Issues in Hypo- and Hyperbaric Conditions relevant to the alliance, arranged by NATO/RTO/HFM. Exposures to the said conditions are experienced regularly in military operations, but this was the first time operational medical issues affecting air, sea and land forces were addressed in a NATO forum. Canada was chosen as venue site due to Canadian research establishments´ expertise in special environmental issues. Themes addressed were decompression illness, breathing gas composition, hypoxia, hyperbaric oxygen treatment of combat injuries, selection, training and adaptation of personnel for special operations, Eustachian tube function, barotrauma, alternobaric vertigo, positive pressure breathing and long term health damage in divers. Relevant technical issues were also discussed.

STOAuthorExternalD. Alonso;M. Bardel;R. Bartlett;P.J. Benton;M.L. Bentura;E. Bettinghausen;S.L. Blogg;J.M. Bogaard;T.L. Brown;L.M. Bryce;W.P. Butler;J.A. Byrne;I. Capanu;S. Castro-Blanco;H. Chimonas;J.M. Clere;C. Daskalopoulos;J. de Dios González;J. del Valle;A. Dimoliatis;A. dos Santos;P. Došel;D.M. Dromsky;O. Dzvonik;D. Elner;H.H. Emmen;J.M. Encinas;J. Ernsting;I. Eudokimidis;A.P. Fernández;P. Fernández-Vizarra;V. Flook;J. Florio;T.R. Galloway;K. Giatas;F.J. Gómez de Terreros;D.P. Gradwell;G. Gray;R.W. Hamilton;A.E. Hay;L.W. Jankowski;K.M. Jurd;J. Kalns;N. Kannan;S.R. Kayar;A. Khan;H. King;A. Kodounis;L.P. Krock;M. Lang;G.W. Latson;V.M. Lee;R.C. Lewis;J.P.F. Lindhout;M. Loncle;J.C. López;J.A. López;G.A.M. Loveman;V.P. Mahnovsky;I. Markou;A. Matthias;B. Maugey;D.C. McLoughlin;J. Miller;.I. Molvær;H. Muijser;S.R. Muza;L. Navarro;E. Necula;R. Nikolova;R.Y. Nishi;A. Olea;L. Petropoulos;A.A. Pilmanis;A. Pujante;F. Ríos Tejada;P.B. Rock;G. Rodan;J. Rodrigo;J. Saary;M. Santacana;K.D. Sawatzky;R. Sawyer;M. Sázel;F.M. Seddon;J. Serrano;J.D. Silverstein;L. Slavtcheva;N. Smyrnis;P. Spataru;A. Stauropoulos;J. Subtil;P.J. Sullivan;J. Sylvester;J.C. Thacker;P. Tikuisis;L.O. Uttenthal;R.A. van Hulst;M. van de Graaff;R.C. van de Graaff;J. Varandas;A. Viqueira;M. Vukov;J.T. Webb;H. Welsch;C.J.J. Westermann;M.G. White;E.G. Wolf;J.K. Wright Jr.;R. Zlatev;M. Zupan
STOPublicationTypeMeeting Proceedings RDP
ISBNISBN 92-837-0019-8
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STOKeywordshyperbaric medicine; human factors engineering; breathing gases; decompression sickness; military medicine; decompression chambers; respiration; breathing apparatus; hypoxia; personnel selection; eustachian tube; barotrauma; vertigo; pressure breathing; diving; high altitude; aerospace medicine; pressure suits; nitrogen; oxygen; hypobaric chambers; anti-g suits

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