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In Depth Research

Task Groups & AGARDographs. Three year study groups allowing researchers in different NATO and partner nations to work together in order to solve a particular research and technology problem.

Events ( )

Symposia, Workshops and Specialists' Meetings aimed at promoting exchange of state-of-the-art knowledge and facilitating intensive information exchange and focussed discussion among an audience of invited specialists and key note speakers.

Educational Activities ( )

Lecture Series and Technical Courses aimed at disseminating state-of-the-art scientific knowledge and recent field developments through on-site instructor training to meet the needs of NATO.

AVT-305Sensors for Integrated Vehicle Health Management (IVHM)
AVTNATO UnclassifiedPlanningSYMPOSIUM20172020Yes
AVT-296Rotorcraft Flight Simulation Model Fidelity Improvement and Assessment
AVTNATO UnclassifiedPlanningTASK GROUP20182020Yes
AVT-275Continuous Airworthiness of Aging Systems

AVTNATO UnclassifiedActiveTASK GROUP20172020Yes
AVT-290Standardization of Augmented Reality for Land Platforms in Combat Environments
AVTNATO UnclassifiedPlanningTASK GROUP20182020Yes
AVT-297Development of a Framework for Validation of Computational Tools for Analysis of Air and Sea Vehicles
AVTNATO UnclassifiedPlanningTASK GROUP20182020Yes
AVTNATO UnclassifiedPlanningTASK GROUP20182020Yes
AVT-292Munition Health Management Technologies: Effects on Operational Capability, Interoperability, Life-Cycle Cost and Acquisition of missile stockpiles of NATO nations

AVTNATO UnclassifiedPlanningTASK GROUP20182020Yes
AVT-293Effect of Environmental Regulation on Energetic Systems and the Management of Critical Munitions Materials and Capability
AVTNATO UnclassifiedPlanningTASK GROUP20182020Yes
AVT-298Reynolds Number Scaling Effects on Swept Wing Flows
AVTNATO UnclassifiedPlanningTASK GROUP20182020Yes
AVT-301Flowfield prediction for manoeuvring underwater vehicles
AVTNATO UnclassifiedPlanningTASK GROUP20182020Yes
AVT-299Assessment of Anti-Icing and De-Icing Technologies for Air and Sea Vehicles
AVTNATO UnclassifiedPlanningTASK GROUP20182020Yes
IST-157Human in the loop considerations for Artificial Intelligence
ISTNATO UnclassifiedActiveTASK GROUP20172020Yes
SCI-298Identification and Neutralization Methods and Technologies for C-IED

SCIOtherPlanningTASK GROUP20172020Yes
SET-251Ship Radar Signature Management  Benefit to Ships
SETOtherActiveTASK GROUP20172020Yes
HFM-285Speech Understanding of English language in Native and non-Native speakers/listeners in NATO with and without Hearing Deficits
HFMPublic ReleasePlanningTASK GROUP20172020Yes
HFM-286Leader Development for NATO Multinational Military Operations
HFMPublic ReleaseActiveTASK GROUP20172020Yes
HFM-287Developing a Culture and Gender Inclusive Model of Military Professionalism
HFMPublic ReleasePlanningTASK GROUP20172020Yes
SCI-301Defeat of Low Slow and Small (LSS) Air Threats
SCIOtherPlanningTASK GROUP20172020Yes
SET-246Short Wave Infrared Technology: a standardized irradiance measurement and compatibility model to evaluate reflective band systems

SETNATO UnclassifiedActiveTASK GROUP20172020Yes
SET-250Multi-dimensional Radar Imaging
SETOtherActiveTASK GROUP20172020Yes
HFM-283Reducing Musculo-Skeletal Injuries
HFMPublic ReleasePlanningTASK GROUP20172020Yes
SCI-297Distributed EW Operations in the Modern Congested RF Environment

SCIOtherActiveTASK GROUP20172020Yes
SET-242Passive Coherent Locators on Mobile Platforms

SETOtherActiveTASK GROUP20172020Yes
HFM-278Preventing and countering radicalisation to violence
HFMPublic ReleaseActiveTASK GROUP20172020Yes
MSG-152NATO Modelling and Simulation Professional Corps Development
MSGPublic ReleasePlanningTASK GROUP20172020Yes
SAS-129Gamification of Cyber Defence/Resilience

SASPublic ReleasePlanningTASK GROUP20172020Yes
SAS-130Course of Action Analysis in the 21st Century

SASOtherActiveTASK GROUP20172020Yes
SAS-133Assessment/analysis support to facilitate the introduction of NLW by addressing line of development obstacles

SASOtherActiveTASK GROUP20172020Yes
AVT-283Advances in Wind Tunnel Boundary Correction and Simulation
AVTNATO UnclassifiedActiveAGARDOGRAPH20172019Yes
AVT-280Evaluation of Prediction Methods for Ship Performance in Heavy Weather

AVTNATO UnclassifiedActiveTASK GROUP20172019Yes
AVT-281Cross-Domain Platform EO Signature Prediction
AVTOtherActiveTASK GROUP20172019Yes
SCI-302DIRCM Concepts and Performances

SCIOtherPlanningTASK GROUP20172019Yes
MSG-150M&S Supporting NATO CD&E

MSGPublic ReleaseActiveTASK GROUP20162019Yes
HFM-276Human Factors and ISR Concept Development and Evaluation

HFMPublic ReleaseActiveTASK GROUP20162019Yes
AVT-278Risk-Based Safety Assessment of Operational Airworthiness and Certification Requirements for RPASs
AVTNATO UnclassifiedActiveTASK GROUP20172019Yes
AVT-277Hazard assessment of exposure to ammunition-related constituents and combustion products

AVTNATO UnclassifiedActiveTASK GROUP20172019Yes
AVT-282Unsteady Aerodynamic Response of Rigid Wings in Gust Encounters
AVTNATO UnclassifiedActiveTASK GROUP20172019Yes
AVT-307Separated Flow Symposium
AVTNATO UnclassifiedPlanningSYMPOSIUM20172019Yes
SET-245Radar Based Non-Cooperative Target Recognition (NCTR) in the Low Airspace and Complex Surface Environments

SETOtherActiveTASK GROUP20162019No
HFM-279Leveraging Technology in Military Mental Health
HFMPublic ReleaseActiveTASK GROUP20162019Yes
HFM-270Framework for Modeling and Simulation of Human Lethality, Injury, and Impairment from Blast-Related Threats
HFMPublic ReleaseActiveTASK GROUP20162019Yes
IST-150NATO Core Services profiling for Hybrid Tactical Networks
ISTNATO UnclassifiedActiveTASK GROUP20162019Yes
SAS-128Modelling Personnel Flows; Identifying Potential Solutions to Recruiting and Retention Challenges
SASNATO UnclassifiedActiveTASK GROUP20162019Yes
HFM-277Leadership Tools for Suicide Prevention

HFMPublic ReleasePlanningTASK GROUP20162019Yes
HFM-281Personalized Medicine in Mental Health and Performance
HFMPublic ReleasePlanningTASK GROUP20162019Yes
IST-149Capability Concept Demonstrator for Interoperability within Unmanned Ground Systems and C2
ISTPublic ReleaseActiveTASK GROUP20162019Yes
IST-152Intelligent, Autonomous and Trusted Agents for Cyber Defense and Resilience
ISTPublic ReleaseActiveTASK GROUP20162019Yes
IST-151Cyber Security of Military Systems

ISTNATO UnclassifiedActiveTASK GROUP20162019No
SAS-124Visual Analytics for Communicating Defence Investment Uncertainty and Risk
SASPublic ReleaseActiveTASK GROUP20162019Yes
SET-217Assessing and Modeling the Performance of Digital Night Vision Image Fusion

SETOtherActiveTASK GROUP20162019No
HFM-269Combat Integration: Implications for Physical Employment Standards
HFMPublic ReleaseActiveTASK GROUP20162019Yes
HFM-271Injury assessment methods for vehicle occupants in blast-related events
HFMPublic ReleaseActiveTASK GROUP20162019Yes
HFM-274The Impact of Hypobaric Exposure on Aviators and High-Altitude Special Operations Personnel

HFMPublic ReleaseActiveTASK GROUP20162019Yes
AVT-303Corrosion management
AVTNATO UnclassifiedPlanningWORKSHOP20172019Yes
HFM-273Chemical, Biological and Radiological Defence
SAS-125Comparative Analysis of National Acquisition Processes

SASNATO UnclassifiedActiveTASK GROUP20162019Yes
SET-233Acoustic Transient Threat Detection Sensors & Signal Processing for Battlefield Situational Awareness

SETNATO UnclassifiedActiveTASK GROUP20162019Yes
SET-226Turbulence mitigation for Electro Optics (EO) and laser systems
SETNATO UnclassifiedActiveTASK GROUP20152019Yes
SET-236Design and Analysis of Compressive Sensing Techniques for Radar and ESM Applications

SETNATO UnclassifiedActiveTASK GROUP20162019Yes
SET-238Side-Attack Threat Detection Strategies, Technologies and Techniques

SETOtherActiveTASK GROUP20162019Yes
MSG-146Simulation for Training and Operation Group-Land (STOG-L)

MSGNATO UnclassifiedActiveTASK GROUP20162019Yes
SET-249Laser Eye Dazzle  Threat Evaluation and Impact on Human Performance
SETOtherActiveTASK GROUP20172019Yes
SET-234Environmental limitations of Fielded EO-TDAs

SETNATO UnclassifiedActiveTASK GROUP20162019Yes
SET-232Computational Imaging and Compressive Sensing for EO/IR Systems

SETNATO UnclassifiedActiveTASK GROUP20162019No
SET-237Printed Standards for Stand-off Detection

SETNATO UnclassifiedActiveTASK GROUP20162019Yes
HFM-2663D scanning for clothing fit and logistics
HFMPublic ReleaseActiveTASK GROUP20162019Yes
HFM-262Health Risk Assessment for Chemical Exposures of Military Interest
HFMNATO UnclassifiedActiveTASK GROUP20162019Yes
MSG-145Operationalization of Standardized C2-Simulation Interoperability
MSGNATO UnclassifiedActiveTASK GROUP20162019Yes
MSG-147M&S Support for Crisis and Disaster Management Processes and Climate Change Implications

MSGPublic ReleaseActiveTASK GROUP20162019Yes
SET-223Adaptive Radar Resource Management
SETOtherActiveTASK GROUP20152019Yes
SAS-123Futures Assessed alongside socio-Technical Evolutions (FATE)

SASPublic ReleaseActiveTASK GROUP20162019Yes
SAS-132Models and Tools for Logistics Analysis

SASNATO UnclassifiedActiveTASK GROUP20172019Yes
SCI-260Platform-level EW Architectures for Joint/Coalition Air Operations

SCIOtherActiveTASK GROUP20142018Yes
SCI-293Scientific Support to NNAG Above Water Warfare Capability Group

SCIOtherActiveTASK GROUP20162018Yes
AVT-274Unmanned Air Vehicles: Technological Challenges, Concepts of Operations and Regulatory Issues
AVTNATO UnclassifiedActiveLECTURE SERIES20162018Yes
SET-243Passive Radar Technology
SETNATO UnclassifiedPlanningLECTURE SERIES20172018Yes
HFM-284Moral Decisions and Military Mental Health
HFMPublic ReleaseActiveLECTURE SERIES20172018Yes
IST-143Cyber Security Science and Engineering

ISTPublic ReleaseActiveLECTURE SERIES20162018Yes
SET-240Exploitation Of Longwave Infrared Airborne Hyperspectral Data

SETOtherActiveTASK GROUP20162018No
AVT-279Formation Flying for Efficient Operations
AVTNATO UnclassifiedActiveTASK GROUP20162018Yes
SCI-287Assessment Methods for Camouflage in Operational Context

SCIOtherActiveTASK GROUP20162018Yes
HFM-263The Transition of Military Veterans from Active Service to Civilian Life
HFMPublic ReleaseActiveTASK GROUP20152018Yes
AVT-253Assessment of Prediction Methods for Large Amplitude Dynamic Manoeuvers for Naval Vehicles

AVTNATO UnclassifiedActiveTASK GROUP20162018Yes
AVT-252Stochastic Design Optimization for Naval and Aero Military Vehicles

AVTNATO UnclassifiedActiveTASK GROUP20162018No
AVT-251Multi-disciplinary design and performance assessment of effective, agile NATO air vehicles
AVTNATO UnclassifiedActiveTASK GROUP20162018Yes
AVT-250Gas Turbine Engine Environmental Particulate Foreign Object Damage [EP-FOD]

AVTNATO UnclassifiedActiveTASK GROUP20162018No
AVT-247Environmentally Compliant Materials & Processes for Military Vehicles
AVTNATO UnclassifiedActiveTASK GROUP20162018Yes
AVT-240Hypersonic Boundary-Layer Transition Prediction

AVTNATO UnclassifiedActiveTASK GROUP20152018Yes
AVT-239Innovative Control Effectors for Manoeuvring of Air Vehicles

AVTNATO UnclassifiedActiveTASK GROUP20152018Yes
SCI-294Demonstration and Research of Effects of RF Directed Energy Weapons on Electronically Controlled Vehicles, Vessels and UAVs

SCIOtherActiveTASK GROUP20162018Yes
SCI-295Development of Methods for Measurements and Evaluation of Natural Background EO Signatures

SCINATO UnclassifiedActiveTASK GROUP20162018Yes
AVT-284Advanced Wind Tunnel Boundary Simulation

AVTNATO UnclassifiedActiveWORKSHOP20162018Yes
AVT-295Demonstration of Innovative Control Effectors for Manoeuvring of Air Vehicles

AVTNATO UnclassifiedPlanningTASK GROUP20172018Yes
IST-147Military Applications of Internet of Things
ISTNATO UnclassifiedActiveTASK GROUP20162018Yes
IST-146Electromagnetic Environment Situational Awareness for NATO
ISTNATO UnclassifiedActiveTASK GROUP20162018Yes
IST-144Content-Based Multi-media Analytics (CBMA)
ISTNATO UnclassifiedActiveTASK GROUP20162018Yes
IST-142Software Defined Network Architectures for the Federated Mission Networks
ISTPublic ReleaseActiveTASK GROUP20162018Yes
IST-141Exploratory Visual Analytics
ISTPublic ReleaseActiveTASK GROUP20162018Yes
AVT-248Next-Generation NATO Reference Mobility Model (NRMM) Development
AVTNATO UnclassifiedActiveTASK GROUP20162018Yes
AVT-255Unmanned Systems Mission Performance Potential for Autonomous Operations
AVTNATO UnclassifiedActiveTASK GROUP20162018Yes
AVT-254Assessment of Plasma Actuator Technologies for Internal Flows

AVTNATO UnclassifiedActiveTASK GROUP20162018Yes
HFM-NMSG-SCICross Panel Activity on Synthetic Environments for Mission Effectiveness Assessment

HFMPublic ReleaseActiveTASK GROUP20152018Yes
AVT-306Transitioning Gas Turbine Instrumentation from Test Cells to On-Vehicle Applications
AVTNATO UnclassifiedPlanningSPECIALISTS MEETING20172018Yes
SAS-120Integration of Women into Ground Combat Units
SASPublic ReleaseActiveTASK GROUP20152018Yes
HFM-257Modeling and Simulation Technologies for Training Medical/Healthcare Professionals
HFMPublic ReleaseActiveTASK GROUP20152018Yes
SAS-118Enhancing Strategic Awareness of Energy Security
- A Holistic Approach
SASNATO UnclassifiedActiveTASK GROUP20152018Yes
SAS-119Energy and Defence: Reducing Dependencies & Vulnerabilities –
Enhancing Efficiency

SASNATO UnclassifiedActiveTASK GROUP20152018Yes
HFM-288Integrated Approach to Cyber Defence: Human in the Loop

HFMPublic ReleaseActiveWORKSHOP20172018Yes
HFM-251Occupational Cardiology in Military Aircrew

HFMPublic ReleaseActiveTASK GROUP20152018Yes
HFM-242Technology Alternatives for Medical Training:  Minimizing Live Tissue Use
HFMPublic ReleaseActiveTASK GROUP20152018Yes
SCI-288Autonomy in Communications-Limited Environments

SCINATO UnclassifiedActiveTASK GROUP20152018Yes
SCI-286Technology Roadmaps Towards Stand-off Detection in Future Route Clearance

SCIOtherActiveTASK GROUP20152018Yes
SCI-280System-of-systems Approach to Task Driven Sensor Resource Management for Maritime Situational Awareness (SoSMSA)

SCINATO UnclassifiedActiveTASK GROUP20152018No
HFM-252Aircrew Neck Pain

HFMPublic ReleaseActiveTASK GROUP20142018Yes
HFM-259Human Systems Integration Approach to Cyber Security

HFMNATO UnclassifiedActiveTASK GROUP20152018Yes
HFM-260Enhancing Warfighter Effectiveness with Wearable Bio Sensors and Physiological Models

HFMPublic ReleaseActiveTASK GROUP20152018Yes
AVT-266Use of Bonded Joints in Military Applications
AVTNATO UnclassifiedActiveSPECIALISTS MEETING20162018Yes
AVT-302Paint Removal Technologies for Military Vehicles
AVTNATO UnclassifiedPlanningWORKSHOP20172018Yes
SCI-300Cyber Physical Security of Defense Systems
SCINATO UnclassifiedPlanningSYMPOSIUM20172018Yes
HFM-250Improving Anesthesia and Sedation through the Battlefield
HFMPublic ReleaseActiveTASK GROUP20152018Yes
MSG-140Urban Combat Advanced Training Technology - Live Simulation Standards (UCATT-LSS)

MSGPublic ReleaseActiveTASK GROUP20152018Yes
SCI-282Countermeasures Against Anti-Aircraft EO/IR Imaging Seeker Threats

SCIOtherActiveTASK GROUP20152018No
SET-220Geospatial Information Extraction From space-Borne SAR-Images for NATO-Operations
SETOtherActiveTASK GROUP20152018No
SET-225Spatial and Waveform Diverse Noise Radar
SETNATO UnclassifiedActiveTASK GROUP20152018Yes
AVT-268Advances in Munition Health Management Technologies and Implementation
AVTNATO UnclassifiedActiveSPECIALISTS MEETING20152018Yes
SAS-117Information Operations for Influence (IOI)

SASPublic ReleaseActiveTASK GROUP20152018Yes
SAS-114Assessment and Communication of Risk and Uncertainty to Support Decision-Making
SASOtherActiveTASK GROUP20152018Yes
SET-205Active Electro-optic Sensing for Target identification and Tactical Applications

SETOtherActiveTASK GROUP20142018Yes
SET-224Coherent Mid-Infrared Fiber Source Technology
SETOtherActiveTASK GROUP20152018Yes
AVT-236Unified generic model and data-base for early screening and basic layout of a missile propulsion subsystem
AVTNATO UnclassifiedActiveTASK GROUP20142018No
SET-227Cognitive Radar

SETPublic ReleaseActiveTASK GROUP20152018Yes
SET-207Advanced situation-specific modeling, sensing and vulnerability mitigation using passive radar technology
SETPublic ReleaseActiveTASK GROUP20142018Yes
HFM-282NATO Medicine and Human Domain Futures
HFMPublic ReleaseActiveSPECIALISTS MEETING20172018Yes
SET-215Model-based SAR Automatic Target Recognition
SETOtherActiveTASK GROUP20152018No
SAS-111Collection and Management of Data for Analysis Support to Operations
SASPublic ReleaseActiveTASK GROUP20152018Yes
IST-156Modelling and Simulation S&T: Critical enabler for Cyber Defence
ISTNATO UnclassifiedActiveWORKSHOP20172018Yes
SAS-131Threshold concepts for and by smaller forces

SAS-116Military Strategic Level Decision Making within a (future) framework of Cyber Resilience
SASNATO UnclassifiedActiveTASK GROUP20152018Yes
SAS-112Comparative Analysis of Private-Public Partnership in the Management
of Military-Industry Activities
SASPublic ReleaseActiveTASK GROUP20152018Yes
IST-158Content based real-time analytics of multi-media streams
ISTNATO UnclassifiedActiveSPECIALISTS MEETING20172018Yes
SCI-281Solutions Advancing Next Generation Radar Electronic Attack

SCIOtherActiveTASK GROUP20152017No
SAS-104C2 Agility: Next Steps
SASPublic ReleaseActiveTASK GROUP20142017Yes
HFM-247Human-Autonomy Teaming: Supporting Dynamically Adjustable Collaboration

HFMPublic ReleaseActiveTASK GROUP20142017Yes
HFM-258The Impact of Military Life on Children from Military Families
HFMPublic ReleaseActiveTASK GROUP20142017Yes
SCI-266Application of Digital Data Recorder Standards for Flight Test

SCIPublic ReleaseActiveAGARDOGRAPH20142017Yes
AVT-285Rare Earths: Securing Supply Chains, Materials, and Technologies

AVTNATO UnclassifiedPlanningLECTURE SERIES20162017Yes
SCI-272Flight Test Technical Team (FT3)
SCIPublic ReleaseActiveCommittee20142017Yes
SCI-299SCI Panel Analysis of the Specialists Meeting on Autonomy from a Systems Perspective

SCINATO UnclassifiedPlanningWORKSHOP20172017Yes
SET-248Panoramic optical systems for military application

AVT-270Validation of Thermal Models for Military Power Systems
AVTNATO UnclassifiedActiveWORKSHOP20172017Yes
MSG-153Commercial Technologies and Games for Use in NATO and Nations - 15th WS
MSGPublic ReleasePlanningWORKSHOP20172017Yes
AVT-242Coated Component Condition Assessment and Remaining  Life Prediction for Advanced Military Air VehiclesAVTNATO UnclassifiedActiveWORKSHOP20152017No
IST-140Cognitive Radio Networks - Efficient Solutions for Routing, Topology Control, Data Transport, and Network Management
ISTNATO UnclassifiedActiveTASK GROUP20152017Yes
AVT-227Balancing energy storage with safety in large format battery packs
AVTNATO UnclassifiedActiveTASK GROUP20142017No
SCI-264High Energy Laser Weapons: Tactical Employment in the Shared Battlespace

SCIOtherActiveTASK GROUP20142017Yes
IST-129Predictive Analysis of Adversarial Cyber Operations

ISTNATO UnclassifiedActiveTASK GROUP20152017No
SET-244Bridging the Gap Between TDA Development and Operational Deployment by the Navy

SET-2419th NATO Military Sensing Symposium

MSG-149M&S Technologies and Standards for enabling Alliance interoperability and pervasive M&S applications

MSGPublic ReleasePlanningSYMPOSIUM20172017Yes
MSG-148MSG/MSCO Support to International Training & Education Conferences
ITEC, I/ITSEC and CAX Forum 2017

MSGPublic ReleasePlanningSYMPOSIUM20162017Yes
HFM-289Operation Oriented Simulation of Extreme Flight ConditionsHFMPublic ReleaseActiveSPECIALISTS MEETING20162017Yes
AVT-273Approval of RPAS Operations: Airworthiness, Risk-Based Methods, Operational LimitationsAVTNATO UnclassifiedActiveSPECIALISTS MEETING20162017Yes
AVT-249Munitions Related Contamination: Military Live-Fire Range Characterization

AVTNATO UnclassifiedActiveTASK GROUP20152017Yes
SET-229Cooperative Navigation in GNSS Degraded and Denied Environments

SETNATO UnclassifiedActiveTASK GROUP20152017Yes
IST-132Multi-Level Fusion of Hard and Soft Information
ISTNATO UnclassifiedActiveTASK GROUP20152017Yes
AVT-238Early stage warship design & procurement for operational effectiveness and affordability

AVTNATO UnclassifiedActiveTASK GROUP20152017Yes
AVT-237Benchmarks in Multidisciplinary Optimization and Design for Affordable Military Vehicles

AVTNATO UnclassifiedActiveTASK GROUP20152017Yes
AVT-233Aeroacoustics of Engine Installation for Military Air Vehicles

AVTNATO UnclassifiedActiveTASK GROUP20142017Yes
AVT-265Integrated Virtual NATO Vehicle DevelopmentAVTNATO UnclassifiedActiveSPECIALISTS MEETING20162017Yes
AVT-272Impact of Volcanic Ash Clouds on Military OperationsAVTNATO UnclassifiedActiveSPECIALISTS MEETING20162017Yes
HFM-253Medical Chemical Defence against Chemical Warfare Agent Threats

HFMNATO UnclassifiedActiveTASK GROUP20142017Yes
IST-HFM-154Cyber Symbology
ISTPublic ReleaseActiveSPECIALISTS MEETING20162017Yes
SET-247Remote Intelligence of Building Interiors

MSG-134NATO Distributed Simulation Architecture & Design, Compliance Testing and Certification

MSGPublic ReleaseActiveTASK GROUP20142017Yes
IST-121Machine Learning Techniques for Autonomous Computer Generated Entities
ISTPublic ReleaseActiveTASK GROUP20132017Yes
SCI-279Enabling Technical Considerations for a NATO-Common Space Domain Operating Picture

SCINATO UnclassifiedActiveTASK GROUP20142017Yes
SAS-126Operational Research and Analysis Orientation Course  Development of additional content

SASNATO UnclassifiedActiveSpecialist Team20162017Yes
AVT-267Future of Manufacturing for Military Applications

AVTNATO UnclassifiedActiveWORKSHOP20152017Yes
SAS-107Factoring Situational Awareness and Communications in Operational Models of Dismounted Combat
SASPublic ReleaseActiveTASK GROUP20142017Yes
MSG-128Incremental Implementation of NATO Mission Training through Distributed Simulation Operations
MSGOtherActiveTASK GROUP20132017Yes
SCI-246Exploration and Development of Denial and Deception Doctrine to Support NATO

SCIOtherActiveTASK GROUP20132017No
SET-218Interoperability & Networking of Disparate Sensors
and Platforms for ISR Applications

SETNATO UnclassifiedActiveTASK GROUP20142017Yes
AVT-288Liquid Fragmentation in Gas Flows

AVTPublic ReleasePlanningLECTURE SERIES20162017Yes
IST-153Cyber Resilience
ISTPublic ReleaseActiveWORKSHOP20162017Yes
MSG-151Cyber Effects in Campaign and Mission Simulations
MSGNATO UnclassifiedPlanningWORKSHOP20162017Yes
MSG-139M&S Use Risk Identification and Management

MSGPublic ReleaseActiveTASK GROUP20142017Yes
MSG-136Modelling and Simulation as a Service (MSaaS) 
Rapid deployment of interoperable and credible simulation environments

MSGPublic ReleaseActiveTASK GROUP20142017Yes
MSG-135NATO M&S Resources/Standards Support Working Group
MSGPublic ReleaseActiveTASK GROUP20142017Yes
SCI-270Process Development for D&D Field Trials and Associated Data Analysis

SCIOtherActiveTASK GROUP20132017No
SAS-110Operations Assessment in Complex Environments

SASPublic ReleaseActiveTASK GROUP20142017Yes
HFM-275Suicide Prevention
HFMPublic ReleaseActiveSYMPOSIUM20162017Yes
AVTPublic ReleasePlanningLECTURE SERIES20162017Yes
HFM-265Rotary Wing Brownout Mitigation

HFMPublic ReleaseActiveLECTURE SERIES20152017Yes
HFM-238Reducing the Dismounted Soldiers Burden

HFMPublic ReleaseActiveTASK GROUP20132017Yes
HFM-248Social Media and Information Technology for Disaster and Crisis Response
HFMPublic ReleaseActiveTASK GROUP20142017Yes
IST-124Heterogeneous Tactical Networks - Improving Connectivity and Network Efficiency

ISTPublic ReleaseActiveTASK GROUP20142017Yes
SAS-109Risk Analysis for Acquisition Programs

SASPublic ReleaseActiveTASK GROUP20142017Yes
MSG-124Developing Actionable Data Farming Decision Support for NATO

MSGPublic ReleaseActiveTASK GROUP20132017Yes
SCI-296Autonomy from a System Perspective

SCINATO UnclassifiedActiveSPECIALISTS MEETING20162017Yes
SET-219Simulation of  Active Imaging Systems

SETNATO UnclassifiedActiveTASK GROUP20152017Yes
AVT-286Securing Supply Chains, Materials, and Technologies, with a particular emphasis on Rare Earths

AVTNATO UnclassifiedPlanningTECHNICAL COURSE20162017Yes
SAS-108Methods to Support Decision Making for Joint Fires

SASPublic ReleaseAwaiting PublicationTASK GROUP20142017Yes
SAS-121Hybrid Warfare  A Case Study

SASOtherAwaiting PublicationSpecialist Team20162017Yes
SAS-127Hybrid Warfare  A Case Study: NATO Implications

SASOtherActiveSpecialist Team20152017Yes
AVT-287Design and Operation of Aeroacoustic Wind Tunnel Tests for Group and Air Transport

AVTPublic ReleasePlanningLECTURE SERIES20162017Yes
AVT-300Naval Ship Maneuverability in Ice
AVTNATO UnclassifiedPlanningTASK GROUP20162017Yes
SCI-277Store Separation and Trajectory Prediction 

SCIPublic ReleaseActiveLECTURE SERIES20162017Yes
AVT-225Future Technological and Operational Challenges Connected with Application of Synthetic Fuels
AVTNATO UnclassifiedActiveTASK GROUP20142016Yes
IST-102Meeting Translation for NATO Operations
(Speech and Language Processing, Project 8)
ISTPublic ReleaseActiveTASK GROUP20122016Yes
SCI-245Reduced Friction Runway Surface Flight Testing

SCIPublic ReleaseActiveAGARDOGRAPH20122016Yes
AVT-261Porous media in high temperature and high speed flows

AVTNATO UnclassifiedActiveLECTURE SERIES20152016Yes
AVT-262Space Debris Reentry and Mitigation

AVTPublic ReleaseActiveLECTURE SERIES20142016Yes
IST-118SOA Recommendations for Disadvantaged Grids in the Tactical DomainISTNATO UnclassifiedAwaiting PublicationTASK GROUP20132016No
SET-209Exploitation of Human Signatures for Threat Determination
SETOtherActiveTASK GROUP20142016Yes
SET-211Naval Platform Protection in the EO/IR Domain
SETOtherActiveTASK GROUP20142016Yes
AVT-232Joint Exercise on IR signature prediction
AVTNATO UnclassifiedAwaiting PublicationTASK GROUP20142016Yes
AVT-226Validation of Thermal Models for Air, Land, Sea and Space Vehicles
AVTNATO UnclassifiedAwaiting PublicationTASK GROUP20142016Yes
IST-148Cyber Defence Situation Awareness
ISTPublic ReleaseAwaiting PublicationSYMPOSIUM20162016Yes
MSG-142MSG/MSCO Support to International Training & Education Conferences ITEC, I/ITSEC and CAX Forum 2016
MSGPublic ReleaseActiveSYMPOSIUM20152016Yes
IST-145Predictive Analysis and Analytics in the Cyber Domain

ISTPublic ReleaseActiveSPECIALISTS MEETING20162016Yes
SET-231Multi-Band Multi-Mode RadarSETOtherAwaiting PublicationSPECIALISTS MEETING20162016Yes
AVT-264Design, Manufacturing and Application of Metallic Lightweight Material Components for Military VehiclesAVTNATO UnclassifiedActiveSPECIALISTS MEETING20152016Yes
AVT-257Best Practices for Risk Reduction for Overall Space SystemsAVTNATO UnclassifiedAwaiting PublicationSPECIALISTS MEETING20152016Yes
AVT-271Research Directions for First-Principles Simulation of Spacecraft Electric Propulsion Systems and Plasma Spacecraft Environment

AVTNATO UnclassifiedActiveWORKSHOP20152016Yes
SCI-291Scenarios for Assessment Methods for Camouflage in Operational Contexts

SET-212Multi-Function RF Sensors Specification, Test & Evaluation

SETNATO UnclassifiedActiveTASK GROUP20142016Yes
SET-208Signal processing for implementation
in hand-held multi sensor ground penetrating system

SETNATO UnclassifiedAwaiting PublicationTASK GROUP20142016Yes
SET-206Energy Generation for Manwearable/Manportable Applications and Remote Sensors

SETNATO UnclassifiedAwaiting PublicationTASK GROUP20142016Yes
SET-203Ship radar signature management system  accuracy, sensitivity and confidence level
SETOtherAwaiting PublicationTASK GROUP20142016Yes
SCI-273Guidelines for Toxicity Testing of Smokes, Obscurants, and Pyrotechnic Mixtures

SCIOtherActiveTASK GROUP20132016Yes
IST-108Cyber Defence Situational Awareness
ISTNATO UnclassifiedActiveTASK GROUP20132016Yes
IST-136Security Challenges for Multi-domain Autonomous and Unmanned C4ISR Systems (e.g., UxVs, Robotic Systems Security)

ISTPublic ReleaseActiveSPECIALISTS MEETING20152016Yes
IST-127Intelligence & Autonomy (Robotics)
ISTPublic ReleaseActiveSPECIALISTS MEETING20142016Yes
SET-235Lecture Series
Radar and SAR Systems for Airborne and Space-Base Surveillance and Reconnaissance

SETNATO UnclassifiedPlanningLECTURE SERIES20162016Yes
AVT-276Environmental Management of Munitions and Greener Approaches to Design

AVTNATO UnclassifiedActiveLECTURE SERIES20162016Yes
MSG-141C2 to Simulation Interoperability (C2SIMI)

MSGPublic ReleaseActiveLECTURE SERIES20152016Yes
AVT-263Electric Propulsion Systems: From Recent Research Developments to Industrial Space ApplicationsAVTPublic ReleaseActiveLECTURE SERIES20152016Yes
SCI-236Safety and Risk Management in Flight Testing
SCIPublic ReleaseActiveAGARDOGRAPH20112016Yes
HFM-240Mild Traumatic Brain Injury: Post Concussive Symptoms in a Deployed Setting
HFMPublic ReleaseAwaiting PublicationLECTURE SERIES20132016Yes
SAS-IST-102Intelligence Exploitation of Social Media

SASOtherActiveTASK GROUP20132016Yes
HFM-199Integration of CBRN Physical Protective Measures to Lessen the Burden on PersonnelHFMPublic ReleaseActiveTASK GROUP20102016Yes
HFM-221Live-Virtual-Constructive (LVC) Training to Enhance Performance Effectiveness
HFMPublic ReleaseActiveTASK GROUP20122016Yes
AVT-258Additive Manufacturing for Military HardwareAVTNATO UnclassifiedActiveSPECIALISTS MEETING20152016Yes
MSG-118Development of Common Image Generator Interface (CIGI) v.4 Compliancy Testing Tools

MSGPublic ReleaseActiveTASK GROUP20122016Yes
HFM-222Ionizing Radiation Bioeffects and Countermeasures

HFMPublic ReleaseAwaiting PublicationTASK GROUP20122016Yes
HFM-234Environmental Toxicology of Blast Exposures: Injury Metrics, Modeling, Methods and Standards
HFMPublic ReleaseActiveTASK GROUP20132016Yes
HFM-233Sensitive Equipment Decontamination Technologies
HFMPublic ReleaseAwaiting PublicationTASK GROUP20122016Yes
SET-SCI-230Reconfigurable and Scalable Multi-Function RF Systems in a Congested EM SpectrumSETOtherAwaiting PublicationSPECIALISTS MEETING20152016Yes
IST-130Method for Architecture Definition and Evaluation in-line with NATO Architecture Framework
ISTNATO UnclassifiedAwaiting PublicationSpecialist Team20142016No
HFM-230Development of Depository of fast and reliable Detection Methods for Zoonotic Agents
HFMPublic ReleaseActiveTASK GROUP20122016Yes
MSG-127Reference Architecture for Human Behaviour Modelling in Military Training Applications

MSGPublic ReleaseActiveTASK GROUP20132016Yes
SCI-255High Altitude Rotary Wing Flight Testing

SCINATO UnclassifiedAwaiting PublicationAGARDOGRAPH20122016Yes
SCI-256Route Threat Detection and Clearance Technologies

SCIOtherAwaiting PublicationTASK GROUP20122016Yes
SCI-237Directed Infrared Countermeasure (DIRCM) State of the Art and Flight Testing Methodology

SCIOtherAwaiting PublicationTASK GROUP20122016Yes
SCI-224EO and IR-Countermeasures against Anti-ship Missiles

SCIOtherActiveTASK GROUP20122016Yes
HFM-237Assessment of Intelligent Tutoring System Technologies and Opportunities
HFMPublic ReleaseAwaiting PublicationTASK GROUP20132016Yes
HFM-226Civilian and Military Personnel Work Culture and Relations in Defence Organisations

HFMPublic ReleaseAwaiting PublicationTASK GROUP20122016Yes
MSG-120NATO M&S Glossary of Terms

MSGPublic ReleaseAwaiting PublicationTASK GROUP20132016Yes
SAS-094Analytical Support to the Development and Experimentation of NLW Concepts of Operation and Employment

SASOtherAwaiting PublicationTASK GROUP20122016Yes
IST-131Distributed Data Analytics for Combating Weapons of Mass Destruction

ISTPublic ReleaseAwaiting PublicationSPECIALISTS MEETING20142015No
SCI-248NATO Vulnerability to Hostile Use of Civilian-Space-based SAR

SCIOtherAwaiting PublicationTASK GROUP20132015No
AVT-216Evaluation of Prediction Methods for Ship Maneuvering and Control
AVTNATO UnclassifiedAwaiting PublicationTASK GROUP20132015Yes
SET-216Cognition and Radar Sensing

SETPublic ReleaseActiveLECTURE SERIES20142015Yes
IST-125Defence Implications of Cloud Computing at Tactical Edge

ISTNATO UnclassifiedAwaiting PublicationSPECIALISTS MEETING20142015Yes
SET-198Visible Laser Dazzle  Effects and Protection
SETOtherAwaiting PublicationTASK GROUP20132015Yes
MSG-144NATO M&S Standardization Workshop
MSGPublic ReleaseActiveWORKSHOP20152015Yes
IST-SAS-139Visual Analytics for Exploring, Analysing and Understanding Vast, Complex and Dynamic Data

ISTPublic ReleaseAwaiting PublicationWORKSHOP20152015Yes
MSG-137Commercial Technologies and Games for Use in NATO - 14th WS

MSGPublic ReleaseActiveWORKSHOP20142015Yes
IST-128Cyber Attack Detection, Forensics and Attribution for Assessment of Mission Impact

ISTNATO UnclassifiedAwaiting PublicationWORKSHOP20142015Yes
SET-200Electromagnetic scattering prediction of small complex
aerial platforms for NCTI purposes

SETOtherActiveTASK GROUP20132015Yes
SET-199Evaluating the Effectiveness of
Coordination Methods for Distributed Mobile Sensors
SETNATO UnclassifiedAwaiting PublicationTASK GROUP20132015Yes
SET-196Multi-channel/Multi-static radar imaging for non-cooperative targets
SETNATO UnclassifiedAwaiting PublicationTASK GROUP20132015Yes
SET-195DMPAR short term solution verification

SETOtherAwaiting PublicationTASK GROUP20132015No
SET-193THz technology for stand-off detection of explosives: from laboratory spectroscopy to detection in the field
SETNATO UnclassifiedActiveTASK GROUP20122015No
AVT-213Assessment of Volcanic Ash Effects on Military Platforms

AVTNATO UnclassifiedActiveTASK GROUP20132015Yes
SET-185Maritime Radar Surface Surveillance Techniques and the High Grazing Angle Challenge

SETNATO UnclassifiedAwaiting PublicationTASK GROUP20122015Yes
SET-180Analysis and Recognition of Radar Signatures for Non-Cooperative Identification of Unmanned Aerial VehiclesSETOtherAwaiting PublicationTASK GROUP20112015No
AVT-201Extended Assessment of Reliable Stability & Control Prediction Methods for NATO Air VehiclesAVTNATO UnclassifiedAwaiting PublicationTASK GROUP20122015Yes
AVT-196Impact of Scarcity of Materials on Military Structural, Mechanical, Propulsion and Power SystemsAVTNATO UnclassifiedAwaiting PublicationTASK GROUP20122015No
SET-189Battlefield Acoustic Sensing,
Multi-modal Sensing and
Networked Sensing for ISR
SETNATO UnclassifiedAwaiting PublicationTASK GROUP20122015Yes
AVT-204Assess the Ability to Optimize Hull Forms of Sea Vehicles for Best Performance in a Sea EnvironmentAVTNATO UnclassifiedAwaiting PublicationTASK GROUP20122015No
IST-133Visual Analytics (Cyber Security)

ISTNATO UnclassifiedAwaiting PublicationSPECIALISTS MEETING20142015Yes
MSG-116Simulation for Training and Operation Group (STOG)

MSGPublic ReleaseAwaiting PublicationTASK GROUP20122015Yes
MSG-117Exploiting Modelling and Simulation to support Cyber Defence
MSGOtherActiveTASK GROUP20122015No
HFM-227Building Effective Collaboration in a Comprehensive Approach

HFMPublic ReleaseAwaiting PublicationTASK GROUP20122015Yes
MSG-098Urban Combat Advanced Training Technology (UCATT) - Architecture
MSGPublic ReleaseAwaiting PublicationTASK GROUP20112015Yes
MSG-099Urban Combat Advanced Training Technology (UCATT) - Standards
MSGPublic ReleaseAwaiting PublicationTASK GROUP20112015Yes
HFM-211An Applied-Scientific Approach to Field AssessmentsHFMPublic ReleaseAwaiting PublicationTASK GROUP20102015Yes
HFM-218Military Suicide
HFMPublic ReleaseAwaiting PublicationTASK GROUP20112015Yes
SAS-097Robotics Underpinning Future NATO Operations
SASPublic ReleaseAwaiting PublicationTASK GROUP20122015Yes
SCI-250Radio Frequency Directed Energy Weapons in Tactical Scenarios

SCIOtherAwaiting PublicationTASK GROUP20122014No
AVT-218Radiation and Gas-Surface Interaction (GSI) Phenomena on High Speed Re-entry

AVTNATO UnclassifiedAwaiting PublicationLECTURE SERIES20122014Yes
SCI-265Systems Concepts and Integration Technical ProgrammeSCIOtherAwaiting PublicationSPECIALISTS MEETING20142014No
SET-182Radar Spectrum Engineering and ManagementSETNATO UnclassifiedAwaiting PublicationTASK GROUP20112014Yes
SET-186Airborne Passive Radars and their Applications

SETNATO UnclassifiedAwaiting PublicationTASK GROUP20122014Yes
AVT-198Recent developments in noise reduction technologies applied to military vehicles and platforms - foster future innovations.AVTNATO UnclassifiedActiveTASK GROUP20122014Yes
SET-167Navigation Sensors and Systems in GNSS Denied EnvironmentsSETNATO UnclassifiedAwaiting PublicationTASK GROUP20102014No
AVT-190Plasma Based Flow Control for Performance and Control of Military VehiclesAVTNATO UnclassifiedActiveTASK GROUP20112014Yes
AVT-191Application of Sensitivity Analysis and Uncertainty Quantification to Military Vehicle DesignAVTNATO UnclassifiedActiveTASK GROUP20112014Yes
SCI-229Space Environment Support to NATO Space Situational Awareness

SCINATO UnclassifiedActiveTASK GROUP20112014No
AVT-203Joined Exercise on Aeroelastic PredictionAVTNATO UnclassifiedActiveTASK GROUP20122014Yes
IST-107Standards Promoting Interoperability for Coalition UGVs
ISTPublic ReleaseAwaiting PublicationTASK GROUP20122014Yes
IST-106Information Filtering and Multi-source Information Fusion

ISTNATO UnclassifiedAwaiting PublicationTASK GROUP20112014Yes
AVT-183Reliable Prediction of Separated Flow Onset and Progression for Air and Sea VehiclesAVTNATO UnclassifiedAwaiting PublicationTASK GROUP20102014Yes
SAS-093Risk-Based Planning

SASOtherAwaiting PublicationTASK GROUP20102014Yes
SET-155Advancing Sensing Through the Walls (STTW) TechnologiesSETOtherActiveTASK GROUP20092014Yes
SAS-096Key Performance Indicators in Measuring Military Outputs
SASNATO UnclassifiedActiveTASK GROUP20112014Yes
SCI-223Future Requirements and Options for EW Information Exchange

SCIOtherAwaiting PublicationTASK GROUP20112014Yes
SCI-239Countermeasure Concepts Against Future IR/EO Threats

SCIOtherAwaiting PublicationTASK GROUP20112014No
SCI-252Coherent Electronic Attack on Advanced Radar SystemsSCIOtherAwaiting PublicationTASK GROUP20112014No
SAS-092Costing Support for Force Structure StudiesSASPublic ReleaseActiveTASK GROUP20102014Yes
MSG-100Resource Discovery and AccessMSGPublic ReleaseAwaiting PublicationTASK GROUP20112014Yes
HFM-195Integrative Medicine Interventions for Military PersonnelHFMPublic ReleaseAwaiting PublicationTASK GROUP20102014Yes
IST-116Visual Analytics
ISTNATO UnclassifiedAwaiting PublicationSYMPOSIUM20132013Yes
SET-153Multi Sensors Integration for Urban OperationsSETOtherAwaiting PublicationTASK GROUP20092013Yes
IST-117Visualization for Analysis
ISTNATO UnclassifiedAwaiting PublicationWORKSHOP20132013Yes
HFM-212Advancements in Distributed Learning Environment Support of Transformation
HFMPublic ReleaseAwaiting PublicationTASK GROUP20102013Yes
HFM-179Moral Decisions in Military Operations and Mental HealthHFMPublic ReleaseAwaiting PublicationTASK GROUP20082013Yes
SET-140Super-Resolution and Advanced Signal  Processing for EO/IR Sensor PerformanceSETOtherAwaiting PublicationTASK GROUP20082012No
HFM-194Development of Evidence-based Guidelines for the Management of Severely Burnt PatientsHFMPublic ReleaseActiveTASK GROUP20092012Yes
HFM-175Medically Unexplained Physical Symptoms in Military HealthHFMPublic ReleaseAwaiting PublicationTASK GROUP20082012Yes
HFM-189Bioeffects and Standardization of Exposure Limits of Military Relevant High Energetic  Electromagnetic Pulses (HEEP)HFMPublic ReleaseAwaiting PublicationTASK GROUP20092012No
SET-138Electromagnetic Scattering Analysis of Jet Engine Inlets for Aircraft NCTI PurposesSETOtherAwaiting PublicationTASK GROUP20082011Yes
SET-128Impact of Wind Turbines on Radar SETOtherAwaiting PublicationTASK GROUP20072011Yes