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Integrative Medicine Interventions for Military Personnel


The health of a force is crucial to its Military readiness. Decreasing Military budgets, global economic stagnation, and increasing medical healthcare cost threaten the sustainability of Military healthcare systems as well as the health of its individuals. Therefore, current healthcare systems must adapt. Over the past four decades, there has been a grassroots utilization of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM), including within Militaries. However, there is little oversight or guidance with the utilization and implementation of CAM worldwide. Thus, collaborative efforts in clinical practices, education and research would have significant impact in reducing duplicity of efforts, expanding the knowledge base as well as broadening the historical and cultural perspectives of healthcare systems. The objective of HFM-195 is to identify and evaluate the various countries’ data on military utilization of CAM, understand the acceptability of CAM by Military leadership and briefly review the current regulatory and legal status of CAM utilization and implementation. This Task Force is an exploratory committee in the first step for other possible TF, conferences, and symposia focused on NATO-wide implementation of CAM modalities with on-going analysis of efficacy, cost-effectiveness, suitability, and acceptability. This could ultimately improve healthcare systems and increase available treatment options for patients.

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