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Autonomy to Accelerate the Intelligence Cycle












From 10 to 12 July 2019, experts from DSTL, TNO, NCIA, HQ ACT and the Dutch MoD, met at the Dutch MoD in the Hague, The Netherlands, for the first face-to-face meeting of the one-year Exploratory Team (reference SAS-ET-EG) on Autonomy to Accelerate the Intelligence Cycle. The ultimate goal is to identify opportunities to improve the INTELL cycle through the use of autonomy as part of an integrated Battle Management, C2 and Surveillance system.

Picture 1 – Autonomy to Accelerate the Intelligence Cycle

The increasing complexity and dynamics of the world stress the need for an effective and efficient intelligence process. Therefore, it is important to explore the potential of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science to automate the intelligence process and as such to increase the speed of the intelligence cycle where needed. The team discussed different avenues to conduct this exploration and on how to assess the effectiveness of these new technologies in the intelligence environment. Led by the Dutch MoD, the team has developed a draft Technical Activity Proposal for 3-year research activity and a related Programme of Work, which will be refined in the coming month. At its Fall 2019 meeting, the NATO STO System Analysis and Studies (SAS) Panel - NATO STO’s expert analytical advice panel – will review the proposal and make an inventory which NATO Nations and Organizations are willing to commit to this research. 

This effort will address one of the identified research gaps in the AI and Big data mission-oriented research roadmap for the NATO Essential Operational Capability Effective Intelligence (EOC2)  by the NATO STO’s Multi-domain Specialist Team on Mission-Oriented Research for Artificial Intelligence and Big Data for Military Decision Making (reference IST-173). 

Please contact the SAS Panel Executive ( if you want more information on the activity.

Text – Courtesy of the NLD Ministry of Defense​​​​​​


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