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Guidelines for Mitigating Cybersickness in VR Systems

HFM-MSG-ST 323 1st Meeting on “Guidelines for Mitigating Cybersickness in VR Systems” - 27-29 November 2019, ITA


The kick-of meeting of the Specialist Team on Guidelines for Mitigating Cybersickness in VR Systems has been held in Milan, Italy, last 27-29 November, hosted by Italian Auxological Institute.

Several experts started discussing on the various factors which are influencing the discomfort on using virtual reality based systems, called Cybersickness.

Cybersickness may have undesirable consequences beyond the sickness itself. As a particular example, the flight simulator sickness could discourage pilots from using flight simulators, reduce the efficiency of training through distraction and the encouragement of adaptive behaviours that are unfavourable for performance, compromise ground safety or flight safety when sick and disoriented pilots leave the simulator. This could lead to virtual reality sickness as a major barrier to using virtual reality, indicating that virtual reality sickness may be a barrier to the effective use of training tools and rehabilitation tools in virtual reality.

The goal of the Specialist Team is to understand all these factors, identifying the physiological and neurological causes, in order to define mitigation methods, both technological, behavioural, and even medical.

The outcome of the Team will be a list of recommendations on how to design and how to use a Virtual Reality based system in order to reduce the related sickness.

For further information please contact HFM and MSG panel offices from this page.

Published 2019-12-09T23:00:00Z by MSG