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SAS-ORA(Annual) Operations Research & Analysis ConferenceSystem Analysis and StudiesPUBLIC RELEASEActiveRSY20132025
SCI-316High Energy Laser Weapons: Quantifying the Impact of Atmospherics and ReflectionsSystems Concepts and IntegrationOtherActiveRTG20202023
IST-169 (AI2S)Robustness and Accountability in Machine Learning SystemsInformation Systems TechnologyNATO UNCLASSIFIEDPlanningRTG20202023
HFM-317Solutions for Combat Casualty CareHuman Factors and MedicinePUBLIC RELEASEPlanningLTSS20192023
HFM-318Personnel Retention in the Armed ForcesHuman Factors and MedicinePUBLIC RELEASEActiveRTG20202023
SET-283Advanced Machine Learning ATR using SAR/ISAR dataSensors & Electronics TechnologyOtherPlanningRTG20202023
SCI-325Methods of Identifying and Evaluation the Camouflage and Deceptive Properties of the Military Equipment in Land Field TrialsSystems Concepts and IntegrationNATO UNCLASSIFIEDActiveRTG20202023
AVT-341Mobility Assessment Methods and Tools for Autonomous Military Ground SystemsApplied Vehicle TechnologyNATO UNCLASSIFIEDPlanningRTG20212023
AVT-342Interoperability of Additive Manufacturing in NATO operations Applied Vehicle TechnologyNATO UNCLASSIFIEDPlanningRTG20212023
AVT-343Novel Materials to Mitigate Rare Earth (RE) Criticality in High Speed Motors Applied Vehicle TechnologyNATO UNCLASSIFIEDPlanningRTG20212023
AVT-344Assessment of Micro Technologies for Air and Space PropulsionApplied Vehicle TechnologyNATO UNCLASSIFIEDPlanningRTG20212023
AVT-345Unified Tactical Missile Kinetic Performance ModelApplied Vehicle TechnologyNATO UNCLASSIFIEDPlanningRTG20212023
AVT-346Predicting Hypersonic Boundary-Layer Transition on Complex GeometriesApplied Vehicle TechnologyNATO UNCLASSIFIEDPlanningRTG20212023
AVT-347Large-Amplitude Gust Mitigation Strategies for Rigid WingsApplied Vehicle TechnologyNATO UNCLASSIFIEDPlanningRTG20212023
AVT-348Assessment of Experiments and Prediction Methods for Naval Ships Maneuvering in WavesApplied Vehicle TechnologyNATO UNCLASSIFIEDPlanningRTG20212023
AVT-349Non-Equilibrium Turbulent Boundary Layers in High Reynolds Number Flow at Incompressible ConditionsApplied Vehicle TechnologyNATO UNCLASSIFIEDPlanningRTG20212023
AVT-350Innovative Control Effectors for Manoeuvring of Air Vehicles – Advanced ConceptsApplied Vehicle TechnologyNATO UNCLASSIFIEDPlanningRTG20212023
AVT-351Enhanced Computational Performance and Stability & Control Prediction for NATO Military VehiclesApplied Vehicle TechnologyNATO UNCLASSIFIEDPlanningRTG20212023
AVT-352Measurement, Modeling and Prediction of Hypersonic TurbulenceApplied Vehicle TechnologyNATO UNCLASSIFIEDPlanningRTG20212023
SAS-156Developing a Standard Methodology for Assessing Multinational InteroperabilitySystem Analysis and StudiesOtherPlanningRTG20202023
SAS-157Automation in the Intelligence CycleSystem Analysis and StudiesOtherPlanningRTG20202023
SAS-159How could Technology Development Transform the Future Operational EnvironmentSystem Analysis and StudiesNATO UNCLASSIFIEDPlanningRTG20202023
SAS-160Ethical, legal and moral (ELM) impacts of novel technologies on NATO’s operational advantage – the “ELM Tree”System Analysis and StudiesNATO UNCLASSIFIEDPlanningRTG20202023
SAS-161Military Aspects of Countering Hybrid Warfare: Experiences, Lessons, Best PracticesSystem Analysis and StudiesNATO UNCLASSIFIEDPlanningRTG20202023
SET-285Multifunction RF SystemsSensors & Electronics TechnologyNATO UNCLASSIFIEDPlanningRTG20202023
SET-286Acoustic and Seismic Sensing of Threats in Urban EnvironmentsSensors & Electronics TechnologyNATO UNCLASSIFIEDPlanningRTG20202023
SET-291Sensitivity of EO TDAs to Environmental FactorsSensors & Electronics TechnologyOtherProposedRTG20202023
SET-288Integrating Compressive Sensing and Machine Learning Techniques for Radar ApplicationsSensors & Electronics TechnologyNATO UNCLASSIFIEDPlanningRTG20202023
SET-292Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy for Defense ApplicationsSensors & Electronics TechnologyNATO UNCLASSIFIEDPlanningRTG20202023
SET-293RF Sensing for Space Situational AwarenessSensors & Electronics TechnologyOtherPlanningRTG20202023
SET-295Radar Signature Measurements of Maritime PlatformsSensors & Electronics TechnologyOtherProposedRTG20202023
SET-294Advanced Mid-Infrared Laser TechnologySensors & Electronics TechnologyOtherPlanningRTG20202023
IST-184 (AI2S)Visual Analytics for Complex SystemsInformation Systems TechnologyPUBLIC RELEASEPlanningRTG20202023
HFM-325Performance Nutrition for Fresh Feeding during Military Training and OperationsHuman Factors and MedicinePUBLIC RELEASEActiveRTG20202023
HFM-327Development of a NATO STANREC for Physiological Status Monitoring to Mitigate Exertional Heat Illness.Human Factors and MedicinePUBLIC RELEASEActiveRTG20202023
HFM-329A psychological guide for leaders across the deployment cycle.Human Factors and MedicinePUBLIC RELEASEPlanningRTG20202023
HFM-330Human Systems Integration for Meaningful Human Control over AI-based systemsHuman Factors and MedicineNATO UNCLASSIFIEDActiveRTG20202023
HFM-331Biomedical Bases of Mental Fatigue and Military Fatigue Countermeasures Human Factors and MedicinePUBLIC RELEASEActiveRTG20202023
SCI-333Multi-sensor Fusion Architecture for the Detection of Person-borne-Improvised Explosive Devices (PB-IEDs)Systems Concepts and IntegrationOtherPlanningRTG20202023
SCI-334Evaluation of Swarm System for Military ApplicationsSystems Concepts and IntegrationNATO UNCLASSIFIEDPlanningRTG20202023
SCI-336Cyber-Physical Systems Resilience for NATO OperationsSystems Concepts and IntegrationPUBLIC RELEASEPlanningRTG20202023
SET-287Characterization of Noise RadarSensors & Electronics TechnologyNATO UNCLASSIFIEDPlanningRTG20202023
MSG-164Modelling and Simulation as a Service - Phase 2NATO Modelling and Simulation GroupPUBLIC RELEASEActiveRTG20182022
SET-268Bi-/Multi-static radar performance evaluation under synchronized conditionsSensors & Electronics TechnologyNATO UNCLASSIFIEDActiveRTG20192022
SET-263Swarms Systems for Intelligence Surveillance & ReconnaissanceSensors & Electronics TechnologyNATO UNCLASSIFIEDActiveRTG20192022
SET-266Multi-functional EO/IR sensors for counter-surveillanceSensors & Electronics TechnologyOtherActiveRTG20192022
IST-171 (IWA)FMN Cloud-based Coalition Security ArchitectureInformation Systems TechnologyNATO UNCLASSIFIEDActiveRTG20192022
IST-172 (COM)Airborne Beyond Line of Sight Communication NetworkInformation Systems TechnologyNATO UNCLASSIFIEDActiveRTG20192022
MSG-174Urban Combat Advanced Training Technology Live Simulation Standards (UCATT-LSS) - 2NATO Modelling and Simulation GroupPUBLIC RELEASEActiveRTG20192022
MSG-173Simulation for Training and Operation Group – Next Generation (STOG-NG)NATO Modelling and Simulation GroupNATO UNCLASSIFIEDActiveRTG20192022
SCI-320Scientific Support to NNAG Above Water Warfare Capability GroupSystems Concepts and IntegrationOtherActiveRTG20192022
SCI-321UAV Applications for Military SearchSystems Concepts and IntegrationOtherActiveRTG20192022
SCI-322Scientific Support to NATO Aerospace Capability Group 3 Sub-Group 2 (ACG3/SG2) on Suppression of Enemy Air Defence (SEAD)Systems Concepts and IntegrationOtherActiveRTG20192022
IST-176 (COM)Federated Interoperability of Military C2 and IoT SystemsInformation Systems TechnologyPUBLIC RELEASEActiveRTG20192022
IST-175 (COM)Full Duplex Radio Technology for Military ApplicationsInformation Systems TechnologyNATO UNCLASSIFIEDActiveRTG20192022
SET-269EO/IR Ship Signature DynamicsSensors & Electronics TechnologyOtherPlanningRTG20192022
SET-270 Overcoming the Technical Barriers that Inhibit use of Fuel Cells for Dismounted Soldier ApplicationsSensors & Electronics TechnologyNATO UNCLASSIFIEDActiveRTG20192022
SET-271Airborne Maritime Radar Based Submarine Periscope Detection and Discrimination at High Grazing AnglesSensors & Electronics TechnologyOtherActiveRTG20192022
SET-272Automated Scene Understanding for Battlefield AwarenessSensors & Electronics TechnologyOtherActiveRTG20192022
HFM-310Human Performance and Medical Treatment and Support During Cold weather OperationsHuman Factors and MedicinePUBLIC RELEASEActiveRTG20192022
HFM-311Cognitive Neuroenhancement: Techniques and TechnologyHuman Factors and MedicinePUBLIC RELEASEActiveRTG20192022
HFM-312Unexplained Physiologic Events in High-Performance AircraftHuman Factors and MedicinePUBLIC RELEASEActiveRTG20192022
HFM-313Re-introduction of phage therapy in military medicineHuman Factors and MedicinePUBLIC RELEASEActiveRTG20192022
IST-177 (IWA)Social Media Exploitation for Operations in the Information EnvironmentInformation Systems TechnologyOtherActiveRTG20192022
AVT-329NexGen Rotorcraft Impact on Military OperationsApplied Vehicle TechnologyOtherActiveLTSS20202022
AVT-330Impact of underwater dumped munitions and maritime safety, security and  sustainable remediationApplied Vehicle TechnologyNATO UNCLASSIFIEDActiveRTG20202022
AVT-331 Goal-driven, multi-fidelity approaches for military vehicle system-level designApplied Vehicle TechnologyNATO UNCLASSIFIEDActiveRTG20202022
AVT-333Integration of Propulsion, Power, and Thermal Subsystem Models into Air Vehicle Conceptual DesignApplied Vehicle TechnologyNATO UNCLASSIFIEDActiveRTG20202022
AVT-334CDT on Augmented Reality (AR) to Enhance Situational Awareness for Armoured Fighting Vehicle Crew  Applied Vehicle TechnologyNATO UNCLASSIFIEDActiveRTG20192022
SAS-152Conceptual framework for Comprehensive National Defence SystemSystem Analysis and StudiesPUBLIC RELEASEActiveRTG20192022
SAS-153Best practices on Cost Analysis of Information And Communication TechnologySystem Analysis and StudiesPUBLIC RELEASEActiveRTG20192022
SAS-154Future Strategic Environment Assessment: Framework for AnalysisSystem Analysis and StudiesPUBLIC RELEASEActiveRTG20192022
HFM-316Expert panel for state of the art cardiovascular risk assessment in aircrew and other high risk occupations.Human Factors and MedicinePUBLIC RELEASEActiveRTG20192022
HFM-319Measuring the Cognitive Load on the SoldierHuman Factors and MedicinePUBLIC RELEASEActiveRTG20192022
HFM-322Meaningful Human Control of AI-based Systems: Key Characteristics, Influencing Factors and Design Considerations Human Factors and MedicinePUBLIC RELEASEActiveRWS20192022
HFM-320Fatigue Management in AircrewHuman Factors and MedicinePUBLIC RELEASEActiveRTG20192022
HFM-MSG-323Guidelines for Mitigating Cybersickness in Virtual Reality SystemsHuman Factors and MedicinePUBLIC RELEASEActiveST20192022
MSG-179Modelling and Simulation for AcquisitionNATO Modelling and Simulation GroupPUBLIC RELEASEActiveRTG20192022
MSG-180Implementation of Live Virtual Constructive – Training (LVC-T) in the Maritime DomainNATO Modelling and Simulation GroupPUBLIC RELEASEActiveRTG20192022
MSG-181Physics-Based Electro-Optic/Infrared Simulations – Best Practice Recommendations for Decision SupportNATO Modelling and Simulation GroupNATO UNCLASSIFIEDActiveRTG20192022
SET-276Quality Assurance and Assessment Team for SPS on DEXTER (Detection of Explosives and firearms to counter TERrorism)Sensors & Electronics TechnologyNATO UNCLASSIFIEDPlanningST20192022
SET-278Machine Learning for Wide Area SurveillanceSensors & Electronics TechnologyNATO UNCLASSIFIEDPlanningRTG20192022
SET-280Phenomenology and Exploitation of CMsSensors & Electronics TechnologyOtherActiveRTG20192022
SET-279Space-based SAR and Big Data Technologies to support NATO OperationsSensors & Electronics TechnologyOtherActiveRTG20192022
IST-179 (AI2S)Interoperability for Semi-Autonomous Unmanned Ground VehiclesInformation Systems TechnologyNATO UNCLASSIFIEDActiveRTG20192022
IST-174 (COM)Secure Underwater Communications for Heterogeneous Network-enabled OperationsInformation Systems TechnologyOtherActiveRTG20192022
IST-180 (COM)Network Management & Cyber Defense (NMCD) for Federated Mission Networking (FMN)Information Systems TechnologyNATO UNCLASSIFIEDPlanningRTG20202022
SCI-326Electronic Support (ES) Techniques Enabling Cognitive Electronic Warfare (EW)Systems Concepts and IntegrationNATO UNCLASSIFIEDActiveRTG20192022
SCI-327Countermeasure Concepts against Anti-Aircraft Dual band EO/IR Imaging SeekersSystems Concepts and IntegrationOtherActiveRTG20192022
SCI-328Flight Testing of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS)Systems Concepts and IntegrationPUBLIC RELEASEPlanningRSY20222022
SAS-158Employing AI to Federate Sensors in Joint SettingsSystem Analysis and StudiesOtherPlanningRTG20202022
IST-HFM-182 (IWA)Synthetic Legal Adviser - AI-based Decision Making in HyperwarInformation Systems TechnologyNATO UNCLASSIFIEDPlanningRTG20202022
SCI-332Radio Frequency-based Electronic Attack to Modern RadarSystems Concepts and IntegrationOtherPlanningRTG20202022
SCI-338Flight Testing of Unmanned Aerial VehiclesSystems Concepts and IntegrationPUBLIC RELEASEPlanningAG20202022
HFM-285Speech Understanding of English language in Native and non-Native speakers/listeners in NATO with and without Hearing Deficits
Human Factors and MedicinePUBLIC RELEASEActiveRTG20182021
HFM-281Personalized Medicine in Mental Health and Performance
Human Factors and MedicinePUBLIC RELEASEActiveRTG20182021
SCI-306AG-300 V.34 Reduced Friction Runway Surface Flight Testing: Issue 2Systems Concepts and IntegrationPUBLIC RELEASEActiveAG20182021
SCI-304Optimised and Reconfigurable Antennas for Future Vehichle Electronic Counter MeasuresSystems Concepts and IntegrationOtherActiveRTG20182021
MSG-157NATO M&S Resources/Standards Support Team - IINATO Modelling and Simulation GroupPUBLIC RELEASEActiveRTG20182021
HFM-290Advances in Military Personnel SelectionHuman Factors and MedicinePUBLIC RELEASEActiveRTG20182021
HFM-293Digital and Social Media Assessment for Effective Communication and Cyber DiplomacyHuman Factors and MedicinePUBLIC RELEASEActiveRTG20182021
HFM-294Big Data In The Military: Integrating Genomics into the Pipeline of Standard-care Testing & TreatmentHuman Factors and MedicinePUBLIC RELEASEActiveRTG20182021
HFM-295Sexual Violence in militaryHuman Factors and MedicinePUBLIC RELEASEActiveRTG20182021
HFM-292Understanding and Reducing Skill DecayHuman Factors and MedicinePUBLIC RELEASEActiveRTG20182021
SCI-303AG-300 V.33 Flight Test Techniques for the Assessment of Fixed-Wing Aircraft Handling QualitiesSystems Concepts and IntegrationPUBLIC RELEASEActiveAG20182021
SAS-140Directed Energy Weapons Concepts and EmploymentSystem Analysis and StudiesOtherActiveRTG20182021
SAS-143Agile, Multi-Domain C2 of Socio-Technical Organizations in Complex EndeavorsSystem Analysis and StudiesPUBLIC RELEASEActiveRTG20182021
SAS-139NATO Analytical War Gaming - Innovative Approaches for Data Capture, Analysis and ExploitationSystem Analysis and StudiesOtherActiveRTG20182021
SET-256Interoperability & Networking of Disparate Sensors and Platforms for ISR ApplicationsSensors & Electronics TechnologyNATO UNCLASSIFIEDActiveRTG20182021
SET-258DMPAR Deployment and Assessment in Military ScenarioSensors & Electronics TechnologyOtherActiveRTG20182021
SET-260Assessment of EO/IR Technologies for Detection of Small UAVs in an Urban EnvironmentSensors & Electronics TechnologyOtherActiveRTG20182021
AVT-308Cooperative Demonstration of Technology (CDT) for Next-Generation NATO Reference Mobility Model (NG-NRMM)Applied Vehicle TechnologyNATO UNCLASSIFIEDActiveRTG20182021
AVT-309Implication of Synthetic Fuels on Land Systems and on NATO Single Fuel PolicyApplied Vehicle TechnologyNATO UNCLASSIFIEDActiveRTG20192021
AVT-310Hybrid/Electric Aircraft Design and STAndards , Research and Technology (HEADSTART)Applied Vehicle TechnologyNATO UNCLASSIFIEDActiveRTG20192021
AVT-311Availability and Quality Issues with Raw Materials for Rocket Propulsion Systems and Potential Consequences for NATOApplied Vehicle TechnologyNATO UNCLASSIFIEDActiveRTG20192021
AVT-312Airworthiness Tools and Processes for Complex  Rotorcraft Systems SafetyApplied Vehicle TechnologyNATO UNCLASSIFIEDActiveRTG20192021
AVT-313Incompressible Laminar-to-Turbulent Flow Transition StudyApplied Vehicle TechnologyNATO UNCLASSIFIEDActiveRTG20192021
AVT-314Assessment and reduction of installed propeller and rotor noise from unmanned aircraftApplied Vehicle TechnologyNATO UNCLASSIFIEDActiveRTG20192021
AVT-315Comparative Assessment of Modeling and Simulation Methods of Shipboard Launch and Recovery of HelicoptersApplied Vehicle TechnologyNATO UNCLASSIFIEDActiveRTG20192021
AVT-316Vortex Interaction Effects Relevant to Military Air Vehicle PerformanceApplied Vehicle TechnologyNATO UNCLASSIFIEDActiveRTG20192021
AVT-317Trade-space exploration to support the early stage design of effective & affordable (fleets) of warshipsApplied Vehicle TechnologyNATO UNCLASSIFIEDActiveRTG20192021
AVT-318Low noise aeroacoustic design for turbofan powered NATO air vehiclesApplied Vehicle TechnologyNATO UNCLASSIFIEDActiveRTG20192021
AVT-319High Speed Rotorcraft Analysis and EvaluationApplied Vehicle TechnologyNATO UNCLASSIFIEDActiveRTG20192021
AVT-320Assessments of Numerical Simulation Methods for Turbulent Cavitating FlowsApplied Vehicle TechnologyNATO UNCLASSIFIEDActiveRTG20192021
IST-163 (IWA)Deep Machine Learning for Cyber DefenseInformation Systems TechnologyPUBLIC RELEASEActiveRTG20182021
IST-165 (AI2S)High-level Fusion of Hard and Soft Information for IntelligenceInformation Systems TechnologyNATO UNCLASSIFIEDActiveRTG20182021
MSG-163Evolution of NATO Standards for Federated SimulationNATO Modelling and Simulation GroupPUBLIC RELEASEActiveRTG20182021
MSG-165Incremental Implementation of Mission Training through Distributed Simulation for Joint and Combined Air OperationsNATO Modelling and Simulation GroupOtherActiveRTG20182021
HFM-298Injury thresholds of high power pulsed radiofrequency emissions Human Factors and MedicinePUBLIC RELEASEActiveRTG20182021
HFM-299Pulmonary Screening and Care in AviatorsHuman Factors and MedicinePUBLIC RELEASEActiveRTG20182021
HFM-301Military Diversity: Ethnic Tolerance and IntoleranceHuman Factors and MedicinePUBLIC RELEASEActiveRTG20182021
SCI-307FAMOS Framework for Avionics MissiOn SystemsSystems Concepts and IntegrationOtherActiveRTG20182021
SCI-310Expanded Countermeasure Methods against IR Anti-Ship Threats in Varied Parameter and Scenario Engagements Using all-digital Tools SetsSystems Concepts and IntegrationOtherActiveRTG20182021
SCI-311Collaborative Space Domain Awareness Data Collection and Fusion ExperimentSystems Concepts and IntegrationNATO UNCLASSIFIEDActiveRTG20182021
SCI-312EO-IR CountermeasuresSystems Concepts and IntegrationOtherActiveRTG20182021
IST-164 (IWA)Securing Unmanned and Autonomous Vehicles for Mission Assurance Information Systems TechnologyPUBLIC RELEASEActiveRTG20182021
HFM-304Factors Impacting Ethical LeadershipHuman Factors and MedicinePUBLIC RELEASEActiveRTG20182021
HFM-305Synthetic Biology in Defence: Opportunities and Threats Human Factors and MedicineNATO UNCLASSIFIEDActiveRTG20182021
SAS-144Code of Best Practice for Conducting Survey Research in a Military ContextSystem Analysis and StudiesNATO UNCLASSIFIEDActiveRTG20182021
SAS-145SWEAT (Soldier System Weapon & Equipment Assessment Tool)System Analysis and StudiesNATO UNCLASSIFIEDActiveRTG20182021
AVT-327Standardization Recommendation (STANREC) Development for Next-Generation NATO Reference Mobility Model (NRMM)Applied Vehicle TechnologyNATO UNCLASSIFIEDActiveRTG20192021
HFM-306Translating Medical Chemical Defence Research Into Operational Medical Capabilities Against Chemical Warfare Agent ThreatsHuman Factors and MedicineOtherActiveRTG20182021
HFM-307Integrating Gender and Cultural Perspectives in Professional Military Education ProgrammesHuman Factors and MedicinePUBLIC RELEASEActiveRTG20182021
HFM-308Optimizing Human Performance in NATO SOF Personnel Through Evidence-Based Mental Performance ProgrammingHuman Factors and MedicineNATO UNCLASSIFIEDActiveRTG20182021
SCI-314AG-300 V.35 Ground and Flight Test Methods Used to Assure Aeroelastic Stability of Fixed Wing AircraftSystems Concepts and IntegrationPUBLIC RELEASEActiveAG20192021
SCI-315AG-300 V.36 Flight Testing of Helmet Mounted DisplaysSystems Concepts and IntegrationPUBLIC RELEASEActiveAG20192021
IST-168 (AI2S)Adaptive Information Processing and Distribution to Support Command and ControlInformation Systems TechnologyNATO UNCLASSIFIEDActiveRTG20182021
SAS-147Analysis of Anti-Access Area Denial (A2/AD)System Analysis and StudiesOtherActiveRTG20182021
MSG-172NATO Modelling and Simulation Master Plan Implementation UpdateNATO Modelling and Simulation GroupPUBLIC RELEASEActiveRTG20192021
SAS-149Basics of complex modern urban functions and characteristicsSystem Analysis and StudiesNATO UNCLASSIFIEDPlanningRTC20192021
AVT-338Advanced Wind Tunnel Boundary Simulation IIApplied Vehicle TechnologyNATO UNCLASSIFIEDActiveRSM20192021
SAS-151Solutions Enabling Intermediate Force/Non-lethal Weapon Contributions to Mission SuccessSystem Analysis and StudiesNATO UNCLASSIFIEDActiveRTG20192021
SET-274Cooperative Navigation in GNSS Degraded and Denied EnvironmentsSensors & Electronics TechnologyPUBLIC RELEASEPlanningRLS20202021
HFM-324Symposium; Solutions for Combat Casualty CareHuman Factors and MedicinePUBLIC RELEASEActiveRSY20192021
AVT-353Artificial Intelligence in Cockpits for UAVsApplied Vehicle TechnologyNATO UNCLASSIFIEDActiveRWS20202021
AVT-354Multi-fidelity methods for military vehicle designApplied Vehicle TechnologyNATO UNCLASSIFIEDActiveRWS20202021
AVT-355Intelligent Solutions for Improved Mission Readiness of Military UxVsApplied Vehicle TechnologyNATO UNCLASSIFIEDActiveRWS20202021
AVT-358 (VKI)Advanced computational fluid dynamics methods for hypersonic flowsApplied Vehicle TechnologyPUBLIC RELEASEActiveRLS20202021
AVT-357Technologies for future distributed engine control systems (DECS)Applied Vehicle TechnologyNATO UNCLASSIFIEDActiveRWS20202021
AVT-356Physics of Failure for Military Platform Critical SubsystemsApplied Vehicle TechnologyNATO UNCLASSIFIEDActiveRSY20202021
SET-ET-120NATO PNT Open System Architecture & Standards to Ensure PNT in NAVWAR EnvironmentsSensors & Electronics TechnologyNATO UNCLASSIFIEDPlanningET20202021
SET-ET-119Assessment of EO/IR Compressive Sensing and Computational Imaging SystemsSensors & Electronics TechnologyNATO UNCLASSIFIEDPlanningET20202021
IST-181 (COM)Terahertz-band Communications and NetworkingInformation Systems TechnologyNATO UNCLASSIFIEDPlanningRSM20202021
IST-183 (IWA)Deep Machine Learning For Cyber DefenseInformation Systems TechnologyNATO UNCLASSIFIEDPlanningRWS20202021
IST-185 (COM)Communication Networks and Information Dissemination for the Tactical EdgeInformation Systems TechnologyNATO UNCLASSIFIEDPlanningRSM20202021
IST-186 (IWA)Blockchain Technology for Coalition OperationsInformation Systems TechnologyPUBLIC RELEASEPlanningRSM20192021
MSG-184NMSG Annual Symposium 2021NATO Modelling and Simulation GroupPUBLIC RELEASEPlanningRSY20212021
MSG-185MSG/MSCO Support to International Training & Education Conferences IT2EC, I/ITSEC and CA2X2 Forum 2021NATO Modelling and Simulation GroupPUBLIC RELEASEPlanningRSY20202021
MSG-ET-051Development of a standard for a generic Tactical Data Link ModelNATO Modelling and Simulation GroupNATO UNCLASSIFIEDPlanningET20202021
HFM-328Collaborations between Military & Civilian Personnel in Defence OrganizationsHuman Factors and MedicinePUBLIC RELEASEPlanningRLS20202021
SCI-337Combination of Field Measurements and M&S Assessment MethodsSystems Concepts and IntegrationNATO UNCLASSIFIEDActiveRWS20202021
SCI-335Autonomy from a System Perspective – Version 2.0Systems Concepts and IntegrationNATO UNCLASSIFIEDPlanningRSM20202021
SCI-ET-054SMART IED Threat Mitigation Technology Assessments (SMiTMiTA)Systems Concepts and IntegrationNATO UNCLASSIFIEDActiveET20202021
AVT-296Rotorcraft Flight Simulation Model Fidelity Improvement and Assessment
Applied Vehicle TechnologyNATO UNCLASSIFIEDActiveRTG20182020
AVT-290Standardization of Augmented Reality for Land Platforms in Combat Environments
Applied Vehicle TechnologyNATO UNCLASSIFIEDActiveRTG20182020
AVT-297Development of a Framework for Validation of Computational Tools for Analysis of Air and Sea Vehicles
Applied Vehicle TechnologyNATO UNCLASSIFIEDActiveRTG20182020
AVT-294Towards Improved Computational Tools for Electric PropulsionApplied Vehicle TechnologyNATO UNCLASSIFIEDActiveRTG20182020
AVT-292Munition Health Management Technologies: Effects on Operational Capability, Interoperability, Life-Cycle Cost and Acquisition of missile stockpiles of NATO nations

Applied Vehicle TechnologyNATO UNCLASSIFIEDActiveRTG20182020
AVT-293Effect of Environmental Regulation on Energetic Systems and the Management of Critical Munitions Materials and Capability
Applied Vehicle TechnologyNATO UNCLASSIFIEDActiveRTG20182020
AVT-298Reynolds Number Scaling Effects on Swept Wing Flows
Applied Vehicle TechnologyNATO UNCLASSIFIEDActiveRTG20182020
AVT-301Flowfield prediction for manoeuvring underwater vehicles
Applied Vehicle TechnologyNATO UNCLASSIFIEDActiveRTG20182020
AVT-299Assessment of Anti-Icing and De-Icing Technologies for Air and Sea Vehicles
Applied Vehicle TechnologyNATO UNCLASSIFIEDActiveRTG20182020
SCI-298Identification and Neutralization Methods and Technologies for C-IED

Systems Concepts and IntegrationOtherActiveRTG20172020
SET-251Ship Radar Signature Management Benefit to ShipsSensors & Electronics TechnologyOtherActiveRTG20172020
HFM-286Leader Development for NATO Multinational Military Operations
Human Factors and MedicinePUBLIC RELEASEActiveRTG20172020
HFM-287Developing a Culture and Gender Inclusive Model of Military Professionalism
Human Factors and MedicinePUBLIC RELEASEActiveRTG20172020
SCI-301Defeat of Low Slow and Small (LSS) Air Threats
Systems Concepts and IntegrationOtherActiveRTG20172020
SET-246Short Wave Infrared Technology: a standardized irradiance measurement and compatibility model to evaluate reflective band systems

Sensors & Electronics TechnologyNATO UNCLASSIFIEDActiveRTG20172020
SET-250Multi-Dimensional Radar ImagingSensors & Electronics TechnologyNATO UNCLASSIFIEDActiveRTG20172020
HFM-283Reducing Musculo-Skeletal Injuries
Human Factors and MedicinePUBLIC RELEASEActiveRTG20172020
SCI-297Distributed EW Operations in the Modern Congested RF Environment

Systems Concepts and IntegrationOtherActiveRTG20172020
SET-242Passive Coherent Locators on Mobile Platforms

Sensors & Electronics TechnologyOtherActiveRTG20172020
HFM-278Preventing and countering radicalisation to violence
Human Factors and MedicinePUBLIC RELEASEActiveRTG20172020
MSG-152NATO Modelling and Simulation Professional Corps Development
NATO Modelling and Simulation GroupPUBLIC RELEASEActiveRTG20172020
SAS-129Gamification of Cyber Defence/Resilience

System Analysis and StudiesPUBLIC RELEASEActiveRTG20172020
SAS-130Course of Action Analysis in the 21st Century

System Analysis and StudiesOtherActiveRTG20172020
SAS-133Assessment/analysis support to facilitate the introduction of NLW by addressing line of development obstacles

System Analysis and StudiesOtherAwaiting PublicationRTG20172020
SCI-302DIRCM Concepts and Performances

Systems Concepts and IntegrationOtherActiveRTG20172020
HFM-276Human Factors and ISR Concept Development and Evaluation

Human Factors and MedicinePUBLIC RELEASEActiveRTG20172020
HFM-277Leadership Tools for Suicide Prevention

Human Factors and MedicinePUBLIC RELEASEActiveRTG20172020
SET-217Assessing and Modeling the Performance of Digital Night Vision Image Fusion

Sensors & Electronics TechnologyOtherActiveRTG20172020
SET-249Laser Eye Dazzle Threat Evaluation and Impact on Human PerformanceSensors & Electronics TechnologyOtherActiveRTG20172020
MSG-145Operationalization of Standardized C2-Simulation Interoperability
NATO Modelling and Simulation GroupNATO UNCLASSIFIEDActiveRTG20162020
MSG-147M&S Support for Crisis and Disaster Management Processes and Climate Change Implications

NATO Modelling and Simulation GroupPUBLIC RELEASEActiveRTG20162020
AVT-300Naval Ship Maneuverability in Ice
Applied Vehicle TechnologyNATO UNCLASSIFIEDActiveRTG20182020
AVT-291Range Design and Management for reduced Environmental ImpactApplied Vehicle TechnologyNATO UNCLASSIFIEDActiveRTG20182020
SET-252Development of a validation model of a stealth UCAVSensors & Electronics TechnologyOtherActiveRTG20172020
SAS-136Optimization of Investment in Simulation-Based Military TrainingSystem Analysis and StudiesPUBLIC RELEASEActiveRTG20172020
MSG-155Data Farming Services (DFS) for Analysis and Simulation-Based Decision SupportNATO Modelling and Simulation GroupPUBLIC RELEASEActiveRTG20172020
MSG-156Dynamic Synthetic Environments for Distributed SimulationNATO Modelling and Simulation GroupPUBLIC RELEASEActiveRTG20172020
SAS-134Linking Strategic Investments & Divestments to Defence Outcomes System Analysis and StudiesOtherActiveRTG20172020
MSG-154Low Slow Small Threats Modelling and SimulationNATO Modelling and Simulation GroupPUBLIC RELEASEActiveRTG20172020
HFM-291Ionizing Radiation Bioeffects and CountermeasuresHuman Factors and MedicinePUBLIC RELEASEActiveRTG20172020
HFM-297Assessment of Augmentation Technologies for Improving Human PerformanceHuman Factors and MedicinePUBLIC RELEASEActiveRTG20172020
SAS-142Development of an internet exploitation grading systemSystem Analysis and StudiesOtherActiveST20172020
AVT-324Multi-disciplinary design approaches and performance assessment of future combat aircraftApplied Vehicle TechnologyNATO UNCLASSIFIEDActiveRSM20182020
IST-161 (COM)Efficient Group and Information Centric Communications in Mobile Military Heterogeneous NetworksInformation Systems TechnologyPUBLIC RELEASEActiveRTG20182020
IST-157 (AI2S)Human in the Loop Considerations for Artificial IntelligenceInformation Systems TechnologyNATO UNCLASSIFIEDActiveRTG20172020
IST-146 (COM)Electromagnetic Environment Situational Awareness for NATOInformation Systems TechnologyNATO UNCLASSIFIEDActiveRTG20172020
IST-141 (AI2S)Exploratory Visual Analytics Information Systems TechnologyPUBLIC RELEASEActiveRTG20162020
IST-142 (COM)Software Defined Network Architectures for the Federated Mission NetworksInformation Systems TechnologyPUBLIC RELEASEActiveRTG20162020
MSG-168Modelling and Simulation as a Service (MSaaS)NATO Modelling and Simulation GroupPUBLIC RELEASEActiveRLS20192020
IST-170 (IWA)Cyber Security Science and Engineering 2.0Information Systems TechnologyNATO UNCLASSIFIEDActiveRLS20192020
IST-ET-105 (AI2S)Digital Employees for Network Management and ControlInformation Systems TechnologyPUBLIC RELEASEActiveET20192020
SET-ET-108Active and Passive 3D EO/IR Sensing for Urban OperationsSensors & Electronics TechnologyNATO UNCLASSIFIEDActiveET20192020
SET-ET-109Surface-enhanced Raman Scattering for Defense ApplicationsSensors & Electronics TechnologyNATO UNCLASSIFIEDActiveET20192020
SET-264Quantum Position Navigation and Timing for NATO platformsSensors & Electronics TechnologyNATO UNCLASSIFIEDPlanningRSY20202020
SCI-ET-040Standardized NATO CCDO Validation PlatformSystems Concepts and IntegrationOtherPlanningET20192020
SCI-ET-050Future Multi-Sensor Threat Defeat ConceptsSystems Concepts and IntegrationOtherActiveET20192020
SAS-148Recruitment and Retention of Young Civilian ScientistsSystem Analysis and StudiesPUBLIC RELEASEAwaiting PublicationST20192020
MSG-176MSG/MSCO Support to International Training & Education Conferences ITEC, I/ITSEC and CAX Forum 2020NATO Modelling and Simulation GroupPUBLIC RELEASEPlanningRSY20202020
MSG-177NMSG Annual Symposium 2020NATO Modelling and Simulation GroupPUBLIC RELEASEPlanningRSY20202020
HFM-ET-182Operational Ethics: Preparation and Interventions for the Future Security EnvironmentHuman Factors and MedicinePUBLIC RELEASEActiveET20192020
SET-273Multidimensional Radar Imaging and ATRSensors & Electronics TechnologyNATO UNCLASSIFIEDPlanningRSM20202020
SET-ET-111Integrating Compressive Sensing and Machine Learning Techniques for Radar ApplicationsSensors & Electronics TechnologyNATO UNCLASSIFIEDActiveET20192020
SET-ET-112Simulation of  Low Photon Lidar in Complex Environments (SimPL)Sensors & Electronics TechnologyNATO UNCLASSIFIEDActiveET20192020
SET-ET-114Multifunction RF SystemsSensors & Electronics TechnologyNATO UNCLASSIFIEDActiveET20192020
SET-ET-115RF and RF/EO Technology for Space Situational AwarenessSensors & Electronics TechnologyOtherActiveET20192020
SET-ET-113Advanced Infrared Laser Component TechnologySensors & Electronics TechnologyOtherActiveET20192020
HFM-314Aircrew Neck Pain Prevention and Management Lecture SeriesHuman Factors and MedicinePUBLIC RELEASEPlanningRLS20192020
IST-178 (AI2S)Big Data Challenges: Situation Awareness and Decision SupportInformation Systems TechnologyNATO UNCLASSIFIEDAwaiting PublicationRWS20192020
IST-ET-108 (COM)Communication in Contested EW EnvironmentInformation Systems TechnologyNATO UNCLASSIFIEDActiveET20192020
AVT-332In-Flight Demonstration of Icephobic Coating and Ice Detection Sensor TechnologiesApplied Vehicle TechnologyNATO UNCLASSIFIEDActiveRTG20192020
AVT-335Range Design and Management for Sustainable Live Fire Training Ranges Applied Vehicle TechnologyNATO UNCLASSIFIEDActiveRSM20192020
AVT-336Enabling Platform Technologies for Resilient Small Satellite Constellations for NATO MissionsApplied Vehicle TechnologyNATO UNCLASSIFIEDActiveRSM20192020
AVT-337Anti-tamper protective systems for NATO operationsApplied Vehicle TechnologyNATO UNCLASSIFIEDActiveRWS20192020
SAS-ET-EHCoalition Sustainment Interoperability StudySystem Analysis and StudiesNATO UNCLASSIFIEDPlanningET20192020
HFM-ET-183Human Impact Exposure on-board High Speed boatsHuman Factors and MedicinePUBLIC RELEASEActiveET20192020
SAS-150Advanced Analytics and Artificial Intelligence for Defence Enterprise Resource PlanningSystem Analysis and StudiesNATO UNCLASSIFIEDActiveST20192020
HFM-ET-184Capability Life Cycle ManagementHuman Factors and MedicinePUBLIC RELEASEActiveET20192020
HFM-321Aerospace Medicine:  New technologies-New approach RAMS USAF/NATO STO HFMHuman Factors and MedicinePUBLIC RELEASEActiveRTC20192020
MSG-SAS-178Using Simulation to Better Inform Decision Making for Warfare Development, Planning, Operations and AssessmentNATO Modelling and Simulation GroupNATO UNCLASSIFIEDActiveRTG20192020
MSG-182NATO Simulation Interoperability – Certification, Tools and Standards for Federated SimulationNATO Modelling and Simulation GroupPUBLIC RELEASEPlanningRWS20202020
SET-275Cooperative Navigation in GNSS Degraded and Denied EnvironmentsSensors & Electronics TechnologyPUBLIC RELEASEPlanningRSY20192020
SET-ET-116Military Applications of Extreme Laser FieldsSensors & Electronics TechnologyOtherActiveET20192020
SET-277Workshop on Phenomenology and Exploitation of Hyperspectral Sensing within NATOSensors & Electronics TechnologyOtherPlanningRWS20192020
SET-ET-117Panoramic Vision Systems For Military ApplicationsSensors & Electronics TechnologyOtherActiveET20192020
SET-ET-118Modelling, Measuring and Mitigating Optical Turbulence: M3TSensors & Electronics TechnologyNATO UNCLASSIFIEDActiveET20192020
AVT-ET-201Certification of Bonded Repair on Composite Aircraft StructuresApplied Vehicle TechnologyNATO UNCLASSIFIEDActiveET20192020
AVT-ET-203Emerging technologies for proactive corrosion maintenanceApplied Vehicle TechnologyNATO UNCLASSIFIEDActiveET20192020
AVT-ET-202Environmentally Compliant Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul for Military VehiclesApplied Vehicle TechnologyNATO UNCLASSIFIEDActiveET20192020
AVT-ET-205Next generation EO vehicle signature prediction algorithmsApplied Vehicle TechnologyNATO UNCLASSIFIEDActiveET20192020
AVT-ET-204Data fusion and assimilation for scientific sensing and computing Applied Vehicle TechnologyNATO UNCLASSIFIEDActiveET20192020
AVT-339Robotics and Laser/Plasma – paint interaction in paint removalApplied Vehicle TechnologyNATO UNCLASSIFIEDActiveRWS20192020
AVT-340Preparation and Characterization of Energetic MaterialsApplied Vehicle TechnologyNATO UNCLASSIFIEDActiveRWS20192020
IST-ET-110 (IWA)Blockchain Technology for Coalition OperationsInformation Systems TechnologyPUBLIC RELEASEActiveET20192020
IST-ET-111 (AI2S)Knowledge Representation and ReasoningInformation Systems TechnologyNATO UNCLASSIFIEDPlanningET20192020
IST-ET-109 (AI2S)Orchestration and Scalability of AI-driven SystemsInformation Systems TechnologyPUBLIC RELEASEPlanningET20192020
MSG-SET-183Drone Detectability: Modelling the Relevant SignatureNATO Modelling and Simulation GroupNATO UNCLASSIFIEDActiveRSM20192020
SCI-SET-323Above Water EO/IR Signature Requirements from an Operational PerspectiveSystems Concepts and IntegrationOtherActiveRSM20202020
SCI-324Realization and Evaluation of Robotic Multispectral Decoys for Land EquipmentSystems Concepts and IntegrationNATO UNCLASSIFIEDActiveRWS20202020
SCI-329Capabilities for Sensing, Search, and Surveillance in the ArcticSystems Concepts and IntegrationNATO UNCLASSIFIEDActiveRSM20202020
SCI-330Multinational Capability Development Campaign (MCDC) Analysis on Autonomous Unmanned Systems (UAxS)Systems Concepts and IntegrationPUBLIC RELEASEPlanningRLS20202020
SCI-ET-052EOD Tele-manipulation Robot Technology Roadmap Development; Operators Remotely Handling Objects with Dexterity, 3D Perception and Haptic FeedbackSystems Concepts and IntegrationOtherActiveET20192020
AVT-295Demonstration of Innovative Control Effectors for Manoeuvring of Air VehiclesApplied Vehicle TechnologyNATO UNCLASSIFIEDActiveRTG20172020
HFM-AVT-ET-185Air vehicles crew’s neuro-psychophysiological based real-time stress monitoring for Human Machine Interfaces workload evaluation enforcing mission executionHuman Factors and MedicineNATO UNCLASSIFIEDActiveET20192020
SCI-331Fostering and Managing  the STO Autonomy PortfolioSystems Concepts and IntegrationNATO UNCLASSIFIEDActiveST20192020
SAS-155Providing OR&A model sharing guidance to the AllianceSystem Analysis and StudiesPUBLIC RELEASEActiveST20192020
AVT-ET-206Vehicle Vibrations Assessment and Reduction using Innovative Methods Applied Vehicle TechnologyNATO UNCLASSIFIEDActiveET20202020
AVT-ET-207Improving the Understanding of Risks from Exposure to Munition Combustion ProductsApplied Vehicle TechnologyNATO UNCLASSIFIEDActiveET20202020
AVT-ET-208More Electric  Aircraft and Rotorcraft  Gas Turbine EnginesApplied Vehicle TechnologyNATO UNCLASSIFIEDActiveET20202020
SAS-ET-ELEnergy Security in the Era of Hybrid WarfareSystem Analysis and StudiesNATO UNCLASSIFIEDPlanningET20192020
SAS-ET-ENSymposium on Assessing the implications of emerging technologies for military logisticsSystem Analysis and StudiesPUBLIC RELEASEPlanningET20192020
SAS-ET-EOAnalysis of cyber operations in high intensity military operationsSystem Analysis and StudiesOtherPlanningET20192020
SAS-ET-EPWargaming Multi-Domain Operations in the European TheatreSystem Analysis and StudiesNATO UNCLASSIFIEDPlanningET20192020
SAS-ET-EM21st Century Force DevelopmentSystem Analysis and StudiesPUBLIC RELEASEPlanningET20192020
SET-284Enhanced Situation Awareness using Active-Passive Radar Systems in Military ScenariosSensors & Electronics TechnologyNATO UNCLASSIFIEDPlanningRSM20202020
SET-290AI for Military ISR Decision MakersSensors & Electronics TechnologyNATO UNCLASSIFIEDProposedRLS20202020
SET-289Nanotechnology for Optics & Infrared Photo DetectionSensors & Electronics TechnologyPUBLIC RELEASEPlanningRWS20202020
IST-ET-112 (AI2S)Machine Learning Ecosystem for the Rapid Research, Development, and Deployment of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning CapabilitiesInformation Systems TechnologyNATO UNCLASSIFIEDPlanningET20202020
IST-ET-113 (AI2S)Unsupervised Machine Learning in the Military DomainInformation Systems TechnologyNATO UNCLASSIFIEDPlanningET20202020
IST-ET-114 (COM)Cyber Security in Virtualized NetworksInformation Systems TechnologyNATO UNCLASSIFIEDPlanningET20202020
SCI-340HEL Weapon Technology, Opportunities, and ChallengesSystems Concepts and IntegrationNATO UNCLASSIFIEDPlanningRLS20202020
SCI-339Allied Future Surveillance & Control (AFSC) High Level Technical Concepts (HLTCs) Technology Readiness Level (TRL) AssessmentsSystems Concepts and IntegrationOtherActiveST20192020
SAS-IST-162A Hackathon to determine how large exercise datasets can be used to reconstruct operational decision making to improve training and analysis valueSystem Analysis and StudiesPUBLIC RELEASEPlanningST20192020
AVT-275Continuous Airworthiness of Aging Systems

Applied Vehicle TechnologyNATO UNCLASSIFIEDAwaiting PublicationRTG20172019
AVT-283Advances in Wind Tunnel Boundary Correction and Simulation
Applied Vehicle TechnologyNATO UNCLASSIFIEDActiveAG20172019
AVT-280Evaluation of Prediction Methods for Ship Performance in Heavy Weather

Applied Vehicle TechnologyNATO UNCLASSIFIEDActiveRTG20172019
AVT-281Cross-Domain Platform EO Signature Prediction
Applied Vehicle TechnologyOtherAwaiting PublicationRTG20172019
MSG-150M&S Supporting NATO CD&E

NATO Modelling and Simulation GroupPUBLIC RELEASEActiveRTG20162019
AVT-278Risk-Based Safety Assessment of Operational Airworthiness and Certification Requirements for RPASs
Applied Vehicle TechnologyNATO UNCLASSIFIEDAwaiting PublicationRTG20172019
AVT-277Hazard assessment of exposure to ammunition-related constituents and combustion products

Applied Vehicle TechnologyNATO UNCLASSIFIEDActiveRTG20172019
AVT-282Unsteady Aerodynamic Response of Rigid Wings in Gust Encounters
Applied Vehicle TechnologyNATO UNCLASSIFIEDActiveRTG20172019
AVT-307Separated Flow: Prediction, Measurement and Assessment for Air and Sea VehiclesApplied Vehicle TechnologyNATO UNCLASSIFIEDAwaiting PublicationRSY20172019
SET-245Radar Based Non-Cooperative Target Recognition (NCTR) in the Low Airspace and Complex Surface Environments

Sensors & Electronics TechnologyOtherActiveRTG20162019
HFM-279Leveraging Technology in Military Mental Health
Human Factors and MedicinePUBLIC RELEASEActiveRTG20162019
HFM-270Framework for Modeling and Simulation of Human Lethality, Injury, and Impairment from Blast-Related Threats
Human Factors and MedicinePUBLIC RELEASEActiveRTG20162019
SAS-128Modelling Personnel Flows; Identifying Potential Solutions to Recruiting and Retention Challenges
System Analysis and StudiesNATO UNCLASSIFIEDActiveRTG20162019
SAS-124Visualization Design for Communicating Defence Investment Uncertainty and RiskSystem Analysis and StudiesPUBLIC RELEASEActiveRTG20162019
HFM-269Combat Integration: Implications for Physical Employment Standards
Human Factors and MedicinePUBLIC RELEASEAwaiting PublicationRTG20162019
HFM-271Injury assessment methods for vehicle occupants in blast-related events
Human Factors and MedicineNATO UNCLASSIFIEDActiveRTG20162019
HFM-274The Impact of Hypobaric Exposure on Aviators and High-Altitude Special Operations Personnel

Human Factors and MedicinePUBLIC RELEASEActiveRTG20182019
HFM-273Chemical, Biological and Radiological Defence
Human Factors and MedicineOtherActiveLTSS20162019
SAS-125Comparative Analysis of National Acquisition Processes

System Analysis and StudiesNATO UNCLASSIFIEDActiveRTG20162019
SET-233Acoustic Transient Threat Detection Sensors & Signal Processing for Battlefield Situational Awareness

Sensors & Electronics TechnologyNATO UNCLASSIFIEDAwaiting PublicationRTG20162019
SET-226Turbulence mitigation for Electro Optics (EO) and laser systems
Sensors & Electronics TechnologyNATO UNCLASSIFIEDAwaiting PublicationRTG20152019
SET-236Design and Analysis of Compressive Sensing Techniques for Radar and ESM Applications

Sensors & Electronics TechnologyNATO UNCLASSIFIEDAwaiting PublicationRTG20162019
SET-238Side-Attack Threat Detection Strategies, Technologies and Techniques

Sensors & Electronics TechnologyOtherActiveRTG20162019
SET-234Environmental limitations of Fielded EO-TDAs

Sensors & Electronics TechnologyNATO UNCLASSIFIEDActiveRTG20162019
SET-232Computational Imaging and Compressive Sensing for EO/IR Systems

Sensors & Electronics TechnologyNATO UNCLASSIFIEDAwaiting PublicationRTG20162019
SET-237Printed Standards for Stand-off Detection

Sensors & Electronics TechnologyNATO UNCLASSIFIEDActiveRTG20162019
HFM-2663D scanning for clothing fit and logistics
Human Factors and MedicinePUBLIC RELEASEAwaiting PublicationRTG20162019
HFM-262Health Risk Assessment for Chemical Exposures of Military Interest
Human Factors and MedicineNATO UNCLASSIFIEDActiveRTG20162019
SET-223Adaptive Radar Resource Management
Sensors & Electronics TechnologyOtherAwaiting PublicationRTG20152019
SAS-123Futures Assessed alongside socio-Technical Evolutions (FATE)

System Analysis and StudiesPUBLIC RELEASEActiveRTG20162019
SAS-132Models and Tools for Logistic AnalysisSystem Analysis and StudiesNATO UNCLASSIFIEDAwaiting PublicationRTG20172019
SET-240Exploitation of Longwave Infrared Airborne Hyperspectral DataSensors & Electronics TechnologyOtherActiveRTG20162019
AVT-279Formation Flying for Efficient Operations
Applied Vehicle TechnologyNATO UNCLASSIFIEDActiveRTG20172019
SCI-287Assessment Methods for Camouflage in Operational Context

Systems Concepts and IntegrationOtherActiveRTG20162019
SCI-294Demonstration and Research of Effects of RF Directed Energy Weapons on Electronically Controlled Vehicles, Vessels and UAVs

Systems Concepts and IntegrationOtherActiveRTG20162019
SCI-295Development of Methods for Measurements and Evaluation of Natural Background EO Signatures

Systems Concepts and IntegrationNATO UNCLASSIFIEDActiveRTG20162019
SAS-118Enhancing Strategic Awareness of Energy Security
- A Holistic Approach
System Analysis and StudiesNATO UNCLASSIFIEDActiveRTG20162019
SAS-119Energy and Defence: Reducing Dependencies & Vulnerabilities –
Enhancing Efficiency

System Analysis and StudiesNATO UNCLASSIFIEDAwaiting PublicationRTG20162019
SET-229Cooperative Navigation in GNSS Degraded and Denied Environments

Sensors & Electronics TechnologyNATO UNCLASSIFIEDActiveRTG20162019
AVT-304Graphene technologies and applications for defenceApplied Vehicle TechnologyNATO UNCLASSIFIEDAwaiting PublicationRSM20172019
SAS-135Analysis of Factors involved in Interalliance Biometric SharingSystem Analysis and StudiesNATO UNCLASSIFIEDActiveRTG20172019
SET-257Compressive Sensing Techniques for Radar and ESM ApplicationsSensors & Electronics TechnologyNATO UNCLASSIFIEDPlanningRLS20192019
AVT-322Combustion products, exposure and related risksApplied Vehicle TechnologyNATO UNCLASSIFIEDAwaiting PublicationRSM20182019
AVT-323Hybrid/Electric Aero-Propulsion Systems for Military ApplicationsApplied Vehicle TechnologyNATO UNCLASSIFIEDActiveRSY20182019
SET-ET-106Remote Intelligence of Building Interiors (RIBI)Sensors & Electronics TechnologyPUBLIC RELEASEActiveET20182019
HFM-ET-166Evaluation of Treatments of Post-amputation Phantom Limb PainHuman Factors and MedicinePUBLIC RELEASEActiveET20182019
HFM-ET-173Evidence-Based Aerospace MedicineHuman Factors and MedicinePUBLIC RELEASEActiveET20182019
IST-150 (COM)NATO Core Services Profiling for Hybrid Tactical NetworksInformation Systems TechnologyNATO UNCLASSIFIEDActiveRTG20162019
IST-149 (AI2S)Capability Concept Demonstrator for Interoperability within Unmanned Ground Systems and C2Information Systems TechnologyPUBLIC RELEASEAwaiting PublicationRTG20162019
IST-151 (IWA)Cyber Security of Military SystemsInformation Systems TechnologyNATO UNCLASSIFIEDActiveRTG20162019
IST-152 (IWA)Intelligent, Autonomous and Trusted Agents for Cyber Defense and ResilienceInformation Systems TechnologyPUBLIC RELEASEActiveRTG20162019
IST-144 (AI2S)Content-Based Multi-media Analytics (CBMA)Information Systems TechnologyNATO UNCLASSIFIEDAwaiting PublicationRTG20162019
IST-147 (COM)Military Applications of Internet of Things Information Systems TechnologyNATO UNCLASSIFIEDAwaiting PublicationRTG20162019
AVT-ST-008Hypersonic Operational ThreatsApplied Vehicle TechnologyOtherActiveST20182019
HFM-ET-175Minimum requirement of education and training of surgeons deployable in multinational missionsHuman Factors and MedicinePUBLIC RELEASEActiveET20182019
MSG-ET-050Standards for xR (Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality)NATO Modelling and Simulation GroupNATO UNCLASSIFIEDActiveET20182019
SAS-146Understanding the cost related implications of autonomy- a system of systems perspectiveSystem Analysis and StudiesPUBLIC RELEASEActiveST20182019
SCI-ET-048Air Drop Flight Testing TechniquesSystems Concepts and IntegrationPUBLIC RELEASEActiveET20182019
SET-265Compressive Sensing applications for Radar, ESM and EO/IR imagingSensors & Electronics TechnologyNATO UNCLASSIFIEDAwaiting PublicationRSM20192019
SET-267Advanced Mid-Infrared Laser TechnologySensors & Electronics TechnologyOtherActiveRWS20182019
SCI-317Hands-on with JANUS: Understanding, Implementing and Using the first Digital Underwater Communications StandardSystems Concepts and IntegrationPUBLIC RELEASEActiveRLS20192019
SAS-ET-ECAnalytical Methods for Casualty Rate Estimation System Analysis and StudiesNATO UNCLASSIFIEDActiveET20182019
IST-173 (AI2S)Mission-Oriented Research for AI and Big Data for Military Decision MakingInformation Systems TechnologyNATO UNCLASSIFIEDActiveST20182019
AVT-ET-198Advanced Selectable Yield Unitary (SYU) WarheadsApplied Vehicle TechnologyNATO UNCLASSIFIEDActiveET20192019
AVT-ET-187Test protocol development for new paint removal technologiesApplied Vehicle TechnologyNATO UNCLASSIFIEDActiveET20182019
IST-ET-104 (IWA)Physical Unclonable Functions (PUFs) in IoTInformation Systems TechnologyNATO UNCLASSIFIEDAwaiting PublicationET20182019
SCI-260Platform-level EW Architectures for Joint/Coalition Air Operations

Systems Concepts and IntegrationOtherActiveRTG20142018
AVT-274Unmanned Air Vehicles: Technological Challenges, Concepts of Operations and Regulatory Issues
Applied Vehicle TechnologyNATO UNCLASSIFIEDAwaiting PublicationRLS20162018
HFM-263The Transition of Military Veterans from Active Service to Civilian Life
Human Factors and MedicinePUBLIC RELEASEActiveRTG20152018
AVT-253Assessment of Prediction Methods for Large Amplitude Dynamic Manoeuvers for Naval Vehicles

Applied Vehicle TechnologyNATO UNCLASSIFIEDActiveRTG20162018
AVT-252Stochastic Design Optimization for Naval and Aero Military Vehicles

Applied Vehicle TechnologyNATO UNCLASSIFIEDAwaiting PublicationRTG20162018
AVT-251Multi-disciplinary design and performance assessment of effective, agile NATO air vehicles
Applied Vehicle TechnologyNATO UNCLASSIFIEDAwaiting PublicationRTG20162018
AVT-250Gas Turbine Engine Environmental Particulate Foreign Object Damage [EP-FOD]

Applied Vehicle TechnologyNATO UNCLASSIFIEDAwaiting PublicationRTG20162018
AVT-247Environmentally Compliant Materials & Processes for Military Vehicles
Applied Vehicle TechnologyNATO UNCLASSIFIEDAwaiting PublicationRTG20162018
AVT-239Innovative Control Effectors for Manoeuvring of Air Vehicles

Applied Vehicle TechnologyNATO UNCLASSIFIEDAwaiting PublicationRTG20152018
AVT-248Next-Generation NATO Reference Mobility Model (NRMM) Development
Applied Vehicle TechnologyNATO UNCLASSIFIEDAwaiting PublicationRTG20162018
AVT-255Unmanned Systems Mission Performance Potential for Autonomous Operations
Applied Vehicle TechnologyNATO UNCLASSIFIEDActiveRTG20162018
AVT-254Assessment of Plasma Actuator Technologies for Internal Flows

Applied Vehicle TechnologyNATO UNCLASSIFIEDActiveRTG20162018
SAS-120Integration of Women into Ground Combat Units
System Analysis and StudiesPUBLIC RELEASEActiveRTG20152018
HFM-242Technology Alternatives for Medical Training:  Minimizing Live Tissue Use
Human Factors and MedicinePUBLIC RELEASEActiveRTG20152018
SCI-288Autonomy in Communications-Limited Environments

Systems Concepts and IntegrationNATO UNCLASSIFIEDActiveRTG20152018
SCI-286Technology Roadmaps Towards Stand-off Detection in Future Route Clearance

Systems Concepts and IntegrationOtherAwaiting PublicationRTG20152018
SCI-280System-of-systems Approach to Task Driven Sensor Resource Management for Maritime Situational Awareness (SoSMSA)

Systems Concepts and IntegrationNATO UNCLASSIFIEDAwaiting PublicationRTG20152018
HFM-252Aircrew Neck Pain

Human Factors and MedicinePUBLIC RELEASEAwaiting PublicationRTG20142018
HFM-259Human Systems Integration Approach to Cyber Security

Human Factors and MedicineNATO UNCLASSIFIEDActiveRTG20152018
HFM-260Enhancing Warfighter Effectiveness with Wearable Bio Sensors and Physiological Models

Human Factors and MedicinePUBLIC RELEASEAwaiting PublicationRTG20152018
HFM-250Improving Anesthesia and Sedation through the Battlefield
Human Factors and MedicinePUBLIC RELEASEAwaiting PublicationRTG20152018
SCI-282Countermeasures Against Anti-Aircraft EO/IR Imaging Seeker Threats

Systems Concepts and IntegrationOtherActiveRTG20152018
SET-220Geospatial Information Extraction from Space-Borne SAR-Images for NATO-OperationsSensors & Electronics TechnologyOtherAwaiting PublicationRTG20152018
SET-225Spatial and Waveform Diverse Noise Radar
Sensors & Electronics TechnologyNATO UNCLASSIFIEDAwaiting PublicationRTG20152018
SAS-114Assessment and Communication of Uncertainty in Intelligence to Support Decision-MakingSystem Analysis and StudiesOtherAwaiting PublicationRTG20152018
SET-205Active Electro-optic Sensing for Target identification and Tactical Applications

Sensors & Electronics TechnologyOtherAwaiting PublicationRTG20142018
SET-224Coherent Mid-Infrared Fiber Source Technology
Sensors & Electronics TechnologyOtherAwaiting PublicationRTG20152018
AVT-236Unified generic model and data-base for early screening and basic layout of a missile propulsion subsystem
Applied Vehicle TechnologyNATO UNCLASSIFIEDAwaiting PublicationRTG20142018
SET-227Cognitive Radar

Sensors & Electronics TechnologyPUBLIC RELEASEAwaiting PublicationRTG20152018
SET-215Model-based SAR Automatic Target Recognition
Sensors & Electronics TechnologyOtherAwaiting PublicationRTG20152018
SAS-111Collection and Management of Data for Analysis Support to Operations
System Analysis and StudiesPUBLIC RELEASEAwaiting PublicationRTG20152018
SAS-131Threshold concepts for and by smaller forces

System Analysis and StudiesOtherAwaiting PublicationRWS20172018
SAS-116Military Strategic Level Decision Making within a (future) framework of Cyber Resilience
System Analysis and StudiesNATO UNCLASSIFIEDAwaiting PublicationRTG20152018
SCI-281Solutions Advancing Next Generation Radar Electronic Attack

Systems Concepts and IntegrationOtherActiveRTG20152018
SCI-264High Energy Laser Weapons: Tactical Employment in the Shared Battlespace

Systems Concepts and IntegrationOtherActiveRTG20142018
SAS-110Operations Assessment in Complex Environments

System Analysis and StudiesPUBLIC RELEASEAwaiting PublicationRTG20152018
SET-211Naval Platform Protection in the EO/IR Domain
Sensors & Electronics TechnologyOtherAwaiting PublicationRTG20142018
HFM-268Cross Panel Activity on Synthetic Environments for Mission Effectiveness Assessment Human Factors and MedicinePUBLIC RELEASEActiveRTG20152018
SET-259Vectors in Radar:  Opportunities for Operations and the MilitarySensors & Electronics TechnologyOtherAwaiting PublicationRSM20182018
AVT-ST-007Modification of NATO STANAGs to Incorporate Range CharacterizationApplied Vehicle TechnologyNATO UNCLASSIFIEDActiveST20182018
IST-132 (AI2S)Multi-Level Fusion of Hard and Soft InformationInformation Systems TechnologyNATO UNCLASSIFIEDActiveRTG20152018
IST-129 (IWA)Predictive Analysis of Adversarial Cyber BehaviorInformation Systems TechnologyNATO UNCLASSIFIEDActiveRTG20152018
SET-243Passive Radar TechnologySensors & Electronics TechnologyNATO UNCLASSIFIEDAwaiting PublicationRLS20172018
vKHSvKHS Optronic 3D Imaging Systems  Sensors & Electronics TechnologyPUBLIC RELEASEActiveST20182018
IST-ET-101 (COM)Full Duplex Radio Technology – Increasing the Spectral Efficiency for Military ApplicationsInformation Systems TechnologyPUBLIC RELEASEAwaiting PublicationET20172018
AVT-240Hypersonic Boundary-Layer Transition Prediction

Applied Vehicle TechnologyNATO UNCLASSIFIEDAwaiting PublicationRTG20152017
HFM-247Human-Autonomy Teaming: Supporting Dynamically Adjustable Collaboration

Human Factors and MedicinePUBLIC RELEASEAwaiting PublicationRTG20142017
SCI-266AG-160 V.23 Application of Digital Data Recorder Standards for Flight TestSystems Concepts and IntegrationPUBLIC RELEASEActiveAG20142017
AVT-238Early stage warship design & procurement for operational effectiveness and affordability

Applied Vehicle TechnologyNATO UNCLASSIFIEDAwaiting PublicationRTG20152017
AVT-233Aeroacoustics of Engine Installation for Military Air Vehicles

Applied Vehicle TechnologyNATO UNCLASSIFIEDAwaiting PublicationRTG20142017
HFM-253Medical Chemical Defence against Chemical Warfare Agent Threats

Human Factors and MedicinePUBLIC RELEASEAwaiting PublicationRTG20142017
SCI-279Enabling Technical Considerations for a NATO-Common Space Domain Operating Picture

Systems Concepts and IntegrationNATO UNCLASSIFIEDAwaiting PublicationRTG20142017
SAS-107Factoring Situational Awareness and Communications in Operational Models of Dismounted Combat
System Analysis and StudiesPUBLIC RELEASEAwaiting PublicationRTG20142017
MSG-127Reference Architecture for Human Behaviour Modelling in Military Training Applications

NATO Modelling and Simulation GroupPUBLIC RELEASEAwaiting PublicationRTG20132017
SCI-277Store Separation and Trajectory Prediction  Systems Concepts and IntegrationPUBLIC RELEASEActiveRLS20162017
HFM-238Reducing the Dismounted Soldiers BurdenHuman Factors and MedicinePUBLIC RELEASEAwaiting PublicationRTG20132016
IST-118SOA Recommendations for Disadvantaged Grids in the Tactical DomainInformation Systems TechnologyNATO UNCLASSIFIEDAwaiting PublicationRTG20132016
AVT-226Validation of Thermal Models for Air, Land, Sea and Space Vehicles
Applied Vehicle TechnologyNATO UNCLASSIFIEDAwaiting PublicationRTG20142016
SCI-236AG-300 V.32 Safety and Risk Management in Flight TestingSystems Concepts and IntegrationPUBLIC RELEASEAwaiting PublicationAG20112016
HFM-240Mild Traumatic Brain Injury: Post Concussive Symptoms in a Deployed Setting
Human Factors and MedicinePUBLIC RELEASEActiveRLS20132016
IST-130Method for Architecture Definition and Evaluation in-line with NATO Architecture Framework
Information Systems TechnologyNATO UNCLASSIFIEDAwaiting PublicationST20142016
SCI-224EO and IR-Countermeasures against Anti-ship Missiles

Systems Concepts and IntegrationOtherAwaiting PublicationRTG20122016
AVT-190Plasma Based Flow Control for Performance and Control of Military VehiclesApplied Vehicle TechnologyNATO UNCLASSIFIEDAwaiting PublicationRTG20112014
SAS-096Key Performance Indicators in Measuring Military Outputs
System Analysis and StudiesNATO UNCLASSIFIEDAwaiting PublicationRTG20112014
SAS-092Costing Support for Force Structure StudiesSystem Analysis and StudiesPUBLIC RELEASEAwaiting PublicationRTG20102014