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The STO’s SCI Panel sponsors the Flight Test Technical Team (FT3), which is a connected community of senior flight test managers and experts from government, industry and academia, representing many of the major national and industry test organizations in the world.

FT3 currently is comprised of nine NATO Nations (Canada, France, Italy, Netherlands, Romania, Spain, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States), NATO PfP partner Sweden and NATO contact nation Australia. The Team meets at regular intervals twice a year and is one of the most long-lived activities within the Alliance.

For over 40 years the accomplishments of the Flight Test Technical Team and of its predecessors have directly contributed to all NATO operational airborne activities; for this reason FT3 was conferred the RTO Scientific Achievement Award in 2008. Its significant contributions in supporting the safe, effective, and efficient flight test of NATO operational capabilities is consistently promoted throughout the NATO flight test community.

Through its work FT3 ensures the vitality and continuity of the network of flight test experts within the NATO community and provides an open forum for discussion on advancements in flight test technologies. It also represents the focal point for flight test subjects within the SCI Panel by identifying and distributing flight test training opportunities, proposing and facilitating symposia, short courses and lecture series. Publications

One of the main objectives of FT3 is, as a matter of fact, to disseminate information through publication of AGARDographs on flight test technology derived from best practices. The RTO/AGARD AGARDograph Flight Test Series are divided into two main series: AGARDographs on Instrumentation (AG 160) and AGARDographs on Test Techniques (AG 300). Each of the two AGARDograph series consists of an introductory volume, followed by specific volumes added to the series to keep it up-to-date and comprehensive. The FT3 publications have been considered for over three decades the reference in the field and have been used by institutions ranging from flight test establishments to universities teaching engineers in the fields of aviation. Up to today FT3 and its predecessors have produced almost 50 AGARDographs.

AGARD and RTO Flight Test Instrumentation

160 Series - Instrumentation

AGARD and RTO Flight Test Instrumentation

300 Series - Test Techniques