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Ship Radar Signature Management Benefit to Ships

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Sensors & Electronics Technology

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dynamic environment, kill chain, measurement, models, propagation, Radar, signature management, signatures, validation


The signature of a ship and the propagation conditions are crucial factors in determining the outcome of various stages in the kill chain. SET-203 has worked on ship radar signature management concentrating on the sensitivity of models to input parameters and the collection and use of data to validate models; this includes use of data from the SET-154’s SQUIRREL trial. NATO SET-203 has worked closely with SCI-258 and SCI-293 to pull through the radar signatures work into the AWWCG, including the NEMO 2016 trial. The group will concentrate on radar signatures but will take compatibility with the other signatures into account; liaising with SET-211 on infra-red.


Quantify the benefit of radar signature management to a ship’s survivability. This requires an understanding of how radar signature management affects the outcome of various stages in the kill chain. To achieve this it is necessary to be able to predict, with sufficient accuracy, the signature of the ship and any countermeasures as seen by the particular threat in the environmental conditions of that scenario. The group will increase the understanding of radar propagation through the atmosphere close to the sea at cm and mm wavelengths.


The group’s objectives will be achieved through liaison with Ships’ Commands, Operational Staff, other NATO groups and national researchers. The topics to be covered include investigations into (i) the sensitivity of the predicted propagation to the data available on-board ship, (ii) the level of detail required on the operational ship’s signature, as well as details of any countermeasures, (iii) the effect of different threat characteristics on the ship’s susceptibility. The proposed group will use the data gathered in NATO and national trials to validate modelling. A workshop will be organized on the effect of radar signature management on the kill chain; other groups will be invited to participate.

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