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Modelling and Simulation for Acquisition

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NATO Modelling and Simulation Group

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Acquisition process, modeling and simulation


Defense acquisition community uses Modelling and Simulation (M&S) to help define, cost, develop, test, produce, operate, and sustain defense systems and systems-of-systems across the entire acquisition life cycle. M&S provides support to better capture operational needs in order to specify a future military system. M&S provides guidance for decision makers to choose from different options to fulfill a future Capability. M&S is an effective tool for performance specification, as well as system testing & evaluation in order to save money and time (simulation is less expensive than real testing or in some cases the only option).


Building upon the knowledge developed by NMSG this task group addresses three main objectives: 1) To identify critical acquisition activities where M&S could bring added value; 2) To propose a framework to determine investment opportunities in M&S for acquisition; 3) Where applicable to demonstrate a proof of concept.


To address the objectives, this activity will cover the following topics: 1. Identify activities at the suitable granularity level and critical decisions within the acquisition process that are common to NATO and Nations. The results from the ET41 will be used when undertaking this task; 2. Identify and describe M&S methods, approaches, standards, best practices, tools and data applicable that are most applicable to each activity and critical decisions within the acquisition process; 3. Develop a framework by which nations can identify gaps in their provision of M&S support to acquisition; 4. Where applicable, to demonstrate a proof of concept for identified critical activities of acquisition process.

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