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Radar Signature Measurements of Maritime Platforms

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Sensors & Electronics Technology

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analysis, measurements, propagation, Radar, signatures, validation


The signature of a ship and the propagation conditions are crucial factors in determining the outcome of various stages in the kill chain. SET-251 has addressed the benefit to ships of radar signature management, considering the outcome of various stages of the kill chain. This group built on the work and trials of groups SET-203 and SET-154. SET-251 included a measurement campaign and a workshop. SET-251 has worked closely with SCI-293 and SCI-320, as well as the radar signatures and susceptibility part of AWWCG and the NEMO trials. Existing data will be used as much as possible. Radar signature measurements in a coastal environment will probably be planned to allow the procedure developed in this group to be tested and refined. If this group conducts a trial then RTA funds may be requested to cover some of the logistical support to the trial.


The group will share experiences in radar signature measurement of maritime platforms. This will capture existing processes and include new techniques to gather signature data which might be seen by modern threat radar. The objective is to develop a common procedure for the conduct of these measurements, including recommendations for analysis and an assessment of the uncertainties. This will allow results to be more easily compared and hence increase confidence in the measurements.


The topics to be covered include development of a procedure for radar signature measurement including identifying the data to be gathered, development of a procedure for gathering and processing the data and reporting. A measurement campaign will be organized to test the procedure, which will then be reviewed and if necessary amended.

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